Have Patience As God Will Always Make Your Enemy Your Footstool!

It’s amazing how those who once took delight in attempting to execute my demise now come forward to offer their hand in a brotherhood that I was never welcomed to ever before.

Not that it would make any difference if in the past I was supported by these individuals, but as one who was created in a special way and knows that I’ve always had a special mission, my march forward has never missed a beat even though many thought that I would fade out into nothingness to further lead testimony to your theory that one needs to be a part of your group in order to make it in this world.

Blame it on how my Parents raised me or simply write me off again in 2016 as being crazy like you did once before those 10 plus short years ago in late 2005.

Wow! While time may definitely fly my memory surely never faded as I’m crazy enough to remember how terribly your entire brotherhood made a point of taking joy in the rough times that I endured without even a kind word or a the gesture of helping hand even if you didn’t mean it.

One things for sure, I am crazy enough to believe in what MY Creator placed inside of me that I never felt the need to sell my very soul for a worldly influence that I was gifted with independently from the uncompromised bold expressions that I’ve become known and loved for.

It’s a great feeling to watch the naysayers cringe in envy as every negative statement falsely made against my character as well as the blatant disrespect against me for no apparent reason except that I didn’t know your handshakes has been turned around as my enemies have become a footstool that is not even good enough to be blessed with my foot as I take joy in kicking these ridiculous offers of inclusion to the side.

It’s amusing now that I have gained this great momentum and notoriety, that these opportunists desire to hook their cart up to my horse so that they can eventually claim that they had something to do with the burning passion and stellar abilities placed into me by the the TRUE ALL KNOWING ARCHITECT OF THE UNIVERSE whose knowledge is vast above and beyond what a few can even comprehend with their limited spiritual scope.

All I can say is please stop sending your people to me because I love my life the way it is and I am not joining anything that once thought that they could stop my progress in my divinely chosen area of expertise!

As you can see, I’ve been doing quite alright by myself and don’t feel the need to be a part of anything that might one day want me to join in on alienating an enthusiastic Brother in the same manner that was done to me before you all realized that I was that one in a million.

I remember in that stormy time of my life going to the accountant that I have used for years to do my taxes, I realized that someone gave the word for him not to do business with me anymore so instead of saying this to my face as a real man would, he simply ignored my presence in his office as I waited for several hours to be waited on as client after client was served.

After I inquired about this blatant act of discrimination and asked why I was being ignored, he simply explained that the computer was not working and the system was down!

…….but it surely worked well for those who arrived after me!

It was only then when I noticed the “hidden in plain sight” symbols on his new set of business cards that I realized that he was only following orders from those whom he now served.

I kindly asked for my paperwork and promptly exited his establishment never to be seen by him again…….

It was in that time period that the fires of determination were stoked from within even more as I would not be denied what my Creator had for me in this life and I would never disrespect Him by putting an organization ahead of Him as they never gave me the gift of life nor have they given me the talents and abilities that I have become known for!

Incidents such a this have riddled my life locally here in this hick town named Orlando and have inspired me to see life differently as well as to navigate on a more global level. Thank God for the Internet because it has enabled me to connect with literally MILLIONS outside of this toxic box of dysfunction called Central Florida.

While I enjoy the weather here and am living quite well, I have to remind my friends who live outside of these borders that I simply choose to lay my head here and nothing else. My business brand is worldwide and the admiration that I receive for my life’s work can never be thwarted by a small band of insecure men and frightened knee-grows who feel as though they have the power to lord over the life of another in the same manner that their modern day “master” lords over theirs.

…….how dare they feel as though they are a god beside God when they didn’t even wake themselves up this morning and know not the hour of their individual earthly departure?

The bottom line is that I’m eating well, living well, blessed to be living in a beautiful house with a beautiful Queen of a loyal Wife and am totally happy with the blessings that have been afforded me independently in a manner that NO mere mortal can claim to have given me.

This I know is the BEST revenge!

So take your efforts of increasing your membership elsewhere and allow me to “apologize” for my success being a thorn in your side but understand that if God wants to elevate someone, there “ain’t nobody” who can stop it if it’s His will!

When Jesus walked the earth he gave freely of his time and energy to help those who sincerely need Him. I pray everyday that I will never follow that demonic example that was inflicted on my life at a time when I needed a real brother to look out for me. I would surely go to hell now if I was to perpetuate the same infraction on someone who needed me the most simply because they weren’t “paying monthly dues” or “took the oath” to keep secrets that are not really secrets at all.

If our so called knowledge is like filthy rags then what does that say about our character when we feel as though we have something over another from the filthy rags of secrets that many parade around with while the “Knower Of ALL SECRETS” sits high on a throne that none of us are even worthy to sit on?

What secrets did Jesus keep and if He is the Son Of God and moved independently across the earth for the short “33” years of His earthly life, then living in a manner that follows his example is alright with me!

If these band of brothers truly had a righteous intent, then they would go after the oppression in the world as well as the racism that continues to keep the 85% down and fueling the advantageous positions of those in the 10% who have the ability and knowledge to help the downtrodden but benefit from them being oppressed.

I’ve found that man’s cults, orders, religions and hierarchies are inept in moving one closer to a higher spiritual plane of understanding because religion and spiritual are two completely different things!

I thank Him everyday for the foul treatment by those who I once thought were in my corner because if I didn’t experience it I may have also sworn my allegiance to an order that would have surely ushered me down a path of eternal damnation!

The total peace of mind, happiness and overwhelming joy that my life is saturated in today has been granted to me exclusively by my Creator and NO ONE else could ever take it away.

Real men follow the commands of God and NOTHING ELSE and that’s ALL LanceScurv ever needs!

Peace, Revolution and Righteous Love Always,

Your Happily Independent Brother,



About The Author

Media Personality | Culture Critic | Podcast Host | Blogger & Cartoonist who focuses on the issues of raw Human Nature the Mainstream Media is deathly afraid to touch!  THE LANCESCURV SHOW PODCAST focuses is on current events, trending happenings, news and thought provoking topics of interest in an uncompromising uncensored manner.

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