Patriotic Fools Prostituted For Corporate Greed And Pimp Slapped By Uncle Sam!

Blogger/Artist Lance Scurvin touches on a few points that many refuse to understand about the senselessness of being patriotic. While in a perfect world there is nothing wrong with having a desire to defend ones country but what if that country is using YOUR sense of patriotism for THERE profit while you die or return injured only to realize that you were merely a pawn in a corporate takeover and the satanic agenda of world domination?

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  • JoChurchman says:

    Lance….I agree with u 100%… I fully believe that governments are using food.. media… even.. even.. mind control if you like…

    I mean.. look at the preservatives in our food today… look at the chemicals they use for "purifying" water….. Look at how the media controls what we see and it is never the full truth and it never will be.. God like themselves when they do this to the people who put them in their position of power..

    Now YOU KNOW.. YOU KNOW who i believe you are.. I have told you several times on yahoo and via text message.. I truly believe you have been sent to this world to be EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE.. GODS MESSENGER.. No Fear!!! Fear is a man made thing.. fear is planted into the mind of the human race as an element of CONTROL…. Fear.. is planted into the minds of our children.. and our childrens children.. etc etc..

    The MEDIA has waaaaaayyyyyyyy too much power.. way way too ,much power.. but i feel this is also governed by those in power..

    Then we have the Illuminati!!! THAT is another blog all to itself…

    I have followed videos on you tube about all these kindsa things Lance. and there is a lot of truth that people do not know.. BUT I do ask myself sometimes IF they WANT to know the truth.. I feel people have been corrupted in the MASSES!!!! the absolute masses!!!!! its a sad thing to see and hear… pains me to see this.. This is why i try to tell as many people in my life today…

    Live your life by Gods will.. he sent us here to CREATE.. he sent us here to EXPERIENCE…. he sent us here to REMEMBER who we are as a collective and the power we as a human race.. as a spiritual being having that human experience.. he sent us here to remember to have that power as a collective.. to make this world as beautiful.. if not MORE beautiful .. by lovin one another..

    Power corrupts… Greed corrupts… MEN AND WOMEN IN POWER CORRUPT AND LIE AND DECIEVE THE HUMAN RACE… they deceive the higher collective…

    we have to come together and make a stand…

    It doesnt matter who you hurt here.. people need to wake up from sleep walking.. ( see here i think about Blade and being a daywalker lol).. people are asleep their whole life… they see wat they want to see.. wat suits them.. into not wanting or having to change for the better… they are happy to leave those decisions to others…


    You know Lance.. i see people daily sayin they wud like to end world hunger… WORLD HUNGER CAN BE ENDED IN AN INSTANT.. there is enough food out there to do this.. thousands of people die each day.. and thousands are born each day.. IF WORLD HUNGER CUD NOT BE ENDED.. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? I ASK THAT OF YOU..

    POWER.. GREEED.. EGO… FEAR.. this is the governments.. the Illuminati.. etc etc..

    How many people really do live in the state that God wanted us to live and by his word..

    I hear people say ( and even on here.. where sumone said) God is a jealous God… God is a bad God.. We should fear God etc…

    We are all a part of the Almighty.. living the world that he see's through our very eyes and hearts…

    I say this.. GOD IS NOT GREEDY, JEALOUS, BAD.. ALL THE THINGS THE CHURCHES PERTAIN HIM TO BE.. He is the almighty.. he does not want to see us destroy each other and this beautiful planet that he created…. NO!!!

    Why wud God want us to teach his children to be jealous.. mean.. destroying each other.. living in pain etc etc.. i cud go on all day but i guess u understand what i mean…



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