Paula Deen Is Merely The Dipstick To Show That America’s Engine Is Still On The Full Line Of Racism!

For those who say that we live in a Post-Racial America and that Blacks are so damn annoying because they ALWAYS seem to want to play the race card then THIS BLOG IS FOR YOU!

First of all, this is not some angry rant against all White people, those of you who know me know better than that, for those of you who don’t and refuse to understand, OH WELL!

66 year old Celebrity Chef Paula Deen’s admission that she used the word Nigger hit the media machine so hard and shocked so many people who are delusional about the state of racism in America. But to me it was business as usual and didn’t shock me at all because their sickness in my community is known so well.

Shock us?

…….why should it?

Paula Deen

I mean, why should we as Black people think that this sick twisted racist leopard of a nation should ever change its spots?

As far as I was concerned, it was so funny seeing this woman squirm under the microscope of her botched YouTube public apology. She made two of them and the first one was so terrible that it was yanked and replaced by another that was just as bad!

Here are a few badly scripted words from the first video:

“But I beg you, my children, my team, my fans, my partners, I BEG for your forgiveness! Please forgive me, for the mistakes that I’ve made!”

Now what’s wrong with THAT statement?

Well, she SHOULD have included the entire race of people that she insulted most likely ALL OF HER life with her wrinkled alcoholic arrogant ass but since BLACK PEOPLE are NOT her concern, she will NEVER acknowledge them in her so called half assed attempt at an apology!


This clearly shows that she was more saddened by the wreck that she caused with her financial dealings through her sponsors and backers than issuing a true apology to the woman who filed the lawsuit long BEFORE the lawsuit came into existence. I bet she now wishes that she handled THAT situation in a very different manner but it’s too late Paula, yo’ ass has been EXPOSED!

But then again, is this news for Black people? Of COURSE not!

I can tell you MANY instances of this happening to me in the workplace and if the truth be told absolutely NOTHING has ever been done about it!

Take for example this one particular job that I was on, after getting off from work, my Wife waited for me to pick me up because my vehicle was in the shop at the time. She was by the security guard that she didn’t have to park far into the dark parking lot but could park closer in the numerous available handicap spots that were right there. She was thankful and he told her that it was okay because not many handicap spots were used at that time of the morning after midnight.

I was to come out in about ten minutes but lo and behold, this monstrosity of a creature named Linda (Her real name!) waddled out on bad feet spewing the filth out of her mouth that she is known for toward my Wife who was sitting in her car in a peaceful manner with the windows slightly opened.

My Wife couldn’t believe that this hideous entity walked toward her vehicle with such a verbal attack merely because my Wife was parked in one of the handicapped spots momentarily. You see, this thing called Linda parked her truck in a handicap spot and felt that no one else had the right to park in ANY ONE OF THEM!

Talk about arrogance and privilege! Who died and made this fine example of obesity the boss?

Well, in front of the security guard she stood for a good three minutes, calling my Wife an “Ugly Nigger Bitch”, a Jigaboo Slave, and scream out the question of how dumb can a Nigger be to park in the handicap parking spot!

Thank God my Wife held her composure because without any visible ounce of body fat on her and actually being in tremendous shape, she really could have done this woman some serious damage but she knew to execute control and go through the proper channels to rectify a situation that ANY COMPANY IN THEIR RIGHT MIND would not tolerate!

So when I arrived and saw that look on her face that something was wrong, I exploded and sprung into action to write a report that would make ANY college professor proud.

My Wife and I also went to the downtown offices to speak with those in charge of handling such manners and was assured that this would be handled in a timely fashion.

I remember the two women who attended to us and got the feeling that nothing was ever going to be done.

…….but I waited.

and waited.

and waited.

and waited even more.

As of this writing it’s been six and one half years since that terrible incident took place and we’ve not heard a word from this company that is supposedly a fair workplace that would NEVER tolerate anyone to be forced to work in a hostile work environment.

And while I’m a fighter, I realized in the end that we are indeed in the south and that if a person had the confidence to operate in such a brazen insulted manner, then they must have know the obvious that they had connections and backing all the way to the top of the corporate food chain.

The inaction of this company to right a great wrong hurt us MORE than the vile utterances of unhealthy eyesore of a redneck whose nauseating body is obviously riddled with major sicknesses ever did.

Their silence told me that they are in agreement with her actions. Their silence let me know in the worst ways that I am merely an interchangeable tool in the bigger scheme of things and that my sanity is not of any importance to the business as usual drive to make more money for the “people up top!”

So here we are in 2013 having to deal with the comments made by Paula Deen and the incomplete apology that she offered only as a form of damage control to possibly sway her sponsors to continue feeding those large sums of money into her accounts for the job she did on The Food Network and products offered on QVC to name a few.

But this one was just too obvious to sweep up under a rug that couldn’t be hidden. Yet there are countless stories like mine where the injustices are happening in broad daylight as the higher ups on these jobs care not until someone is labeled as crazy for “spraying up” an entire workforce for something that could have been handled if they really cared.

Mass Shootings Again

So when I see things reported on the nightly news at night and hearing “some” people saying how terrible a thing that has happened, I think to myself that many times these jobs and businesses have brought it on itself!

I also understand that “some people” will NEVER understand and will continue on until the day that they die with THEIR sickness called racism and really that is something that they need to take up with their maker on Judgment Day.

Me? I’m cool. Why? Because I understand where I am and who is around me. I will never be foolish enough to wait around for a twisted segment of this society who happens to hold the most power to come around and realize their mistakes on humanity and will ONLY offer an apology when they get caught and their MONEY is on the line!

So while Paula Deen is the poster girl for all things alive and well on a racist level in this country, don’t feel sorry for her, because the same country that donated those huge sums of money to the George Zimmerman “fund” after killing Trayvon Martin, will be the SAME people who will keep Paula Deen swimming in cash and will actually REWARD her for being the damaged mentally sick person that she is!

George Zimmerman Smiling

Now between you and me, you KNOW they take care of THEIR OWN!

I truly believe that to her corporate sponsors that it’s NOT about her being apologetic, it’s about how stupid she was to get caught out there!

American Corporations don’t care about Paula Deen’s use of the word Nigger at any time at all! They only care if it damages “the product” that display’s Deen’s face and if they will lose out on their investment. I say yank your support of the companies that sponsored her too because you KNOW that they had their private discussions on who are her followers and who weren’t. We might never know but I don’t think it was really a surprise to them at all!

What did you expect from her with a brother whose restaurant was named “Uncle Bubba’s Seafood and Oyster House in Savannah, Georgia? Black folks know that when they hear the name Bubba that a “CODE RED” Racist Terror Alert goes off inside of our heads! LOL! Sometimes it’s false, but more so than often it’s the real thing! Heeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaa!

Come on people! Isn’t this proof enough to NOT have any faith in a system that rears it’s ugly head with such insults toward us where this is really the tip of the iceberg?

The good that will come out of this nasty episode is that we as a people should do for ourselves to loosen the grip of power and control that these racist bosses have over our lives in the form of the flimsy employment that can be taken away in the twinkling of an eye.

Who cares which one of these sick people will be revealed as the NEXT racist hypocrite? It’s a waste of time to protest for some semblance of “equality” from these people to beg for something that is not even in their character. Just the same way that these racist customers and bosses will threaten you with the statement that “they will have your job” if you don’t buck-dance hard enough for their satisfaction is the same way we need to take our growing billions away to build our own empire to make THEM feel the loss of our support.

But too many of you tap dancing Negros are too loyal to your slave master’s to ever think about going out to make a business on your own to reduce the threat of being fired from their jobs. You will stay there in a slave-like subservience until you are tossed aside like a dirty used tool after he has had his way with you!

Dog The Bounty Hunter

If anything this latest episode of Dog The Bounty Hunter “I can call Black people Niggers and get away with it afterward with a shrewd image makeover and STILL keep my television show” should tell you that we need each other more than ever now because unlike Paula Deen, SHE will STILL get money even if she has to do her cooking show on The Klan Food Network!

Us? You better wake up and realize that just like that song from the Hip Hop group Onyx, “All We Got Iz Us!”

Peace & Righteous Love Always,



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