I never thought that I would see this world in the position that it’s in now. From the perspective of being born in 1963, I’ve seen the world go through so many changes I couldn’t fathom that it would come to a place like this.

This is what movies are made of, but in this situation, no credits will roll up as we take a trip to the restroom before heading home in our happy world.

In actuality, for many people, movies have become a place of refuge for many to escape from the effects of a world filled with fear.

Who would’ve ever thought that any day now, we would get the horrifying news that a nuclear bomb is possibly being hurled our way? Who would’ve ever thought that the so-called world leaders, in their lust for the ultimate power and control, would risk life on the planet as we now know it in the ultimate game of love and playing chicken?

While many would ridicule those who call themselves Christians and are authentic in their walk, we must examine them!!!! They have been saying for many years about what the world would turn into in the future, which is now the present time.

Like many who flocked to the churches the day after the World Trade Center attacks, history looks as though it will repeat itself if an even bigger tragedy in the world transpires as far as nuclear war.

While I can’t quote it exactly as it was written due to my lack of study of the Bible, I do know that it is noted that this world would be consumed with great fires. The wars and rumors of war will create tension in this world so thick you can cut it with a knife. The famine, the diseases, the pestilence, and the overall madness of a people living in a manner opposed to our creator is playing itself out right now in front of our very eyes.

My mother always told me she doesn’t want to see what my eyes will see in this world if I live long enough. As much as I understood her in those younger days, I could grasp the magnitude of what she was sharing with me. Now I know what she saw, and I can truthfully say her words were quite prophetic.

As someone who leans toward the spiritual side and is somewhat opposed to man’s religion, prepare yourself and get yourself right in whatever belief system you have. Please make it right; if you have anything that needs correcting or cleaning, please immediately start. If nothing happens in this world of a vast magnitude, then consider it all good, but the worst thing is to realize that you have minutes or even seconds to live, and you spent your vaste moments on this plane wasting time. But the hedonistic pleasures and indulgences of this life will not help us ascend to a higher level of existence once we are gone. Now I’m not preaching, as I have to face many things within myself likie anyone else, so I have to abide by the same principles from which I speak.

Many people in the present time are in denial and are embedding themselves deeper into a decadence that cannot save them. We can all come out better if we look within. It is a shame that we would have to wait for the planet to be threatened before we cleanse our lives.

It could have been so much different if the spirit of love ruled the world. Still, many of us can only think about what we could have had if we had taken charge and resisted the opposing forces of this world’s negativity and hate that covertly compounded beyond the reach of most who could have made a difference when it wasn’t as strong the world as it is today. But that’s neither here nor there as there is a debt to be paid, and it won’t be easy to correct a world that has gone severely off the righteous path.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope we can look forward to a better day in our collective futures.

Peace, Revolution, and righteous love always,

Your Brother,


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