Pedophile Blow Up Dolls, Oprah & Bruce Gender – The LanceScurv Show

Talaya and Scurv put down yet another thought provoking conversation and we look forward to hearing your feedback on what we shared.

Pedophiles are the lowest form of human life in my book, and I will NEVER give them a break regardless. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I see this society being the target of another agenda laced mind controlled attack from the twisted satanic shadow figures to embrace the sympathy and the eventual promotion of the lifestyle of having underage children as “lovers!”

I can’t remain quiet on something that I see as clear as day, you can call me crazy now but you’ll be giving me my “props” down the road whether I’m dead or alive because I already see the subtle gentle wheels of media manipulation moving in that direction.

As far as Oprah Winfrey is concerned, we all know that she has suffered some serious and unfortunate violations in her life at the hands of a Black man and when you couple this with the geography, timeline and the general flavoring of all of these factors together, I can see why she doesn’t favor showcasing any no nonsense “shoot from the hip” Black man on her show.

So never look to see Minister Louis Farrakhan on The Oprah Winfrey Network and shows, nor will you ever see Brother Dick Gregory there either. Comedian Paul Mooney? He gives Oprah NIGHTMARES from the very thought of who he is and the topics that he covers in his act. I’d love to lock those two in an elevator for a few hours and videotape the event! Bwahaha!

Her core following is NOT US and never will be, the truth may hurt many who are reading this but Oprah Winfrey ain’t paying the Black struggle any mind unless she gets the approval of her master to do so in a non revolutionary manner. Oprah’s track record shows this clearly and anyone who doesn’t see it is just plain old delusional and probably an “Oprah can walk on water groupie!

Bruce Jenner

On the Bruce Jenner side of the world, I’m asking WHAT would cause a man who has ascended to the top of the food chain as an athlete to make it to big to being featured on a Wheaties Box to looking forward to being an old woman in his twilight years.

…….to each his own I guess!

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May 15, 2015 8:16 PM

Wow the cuss words are unnecessary Talaya. To have such a beautiful voice
then go on and ruin it with terrible language… Sorry, not lady like, not
apart of intelligent conversation, just no. Had to stop listening midway.
Freedom of speech can actually include intelligent conversation and not
simply four letter words. Love your decency for the most part though Lance.

May 5, 2015 4:35 AM

Ok, here’s all I was able to find out about this ‘child doll’ concept(note:
Long Comment on my observations regarding this)
….According to ‘’, which is a website dedicated to
debunking internet fakery, they claim that the website with the Dobson
article, found on, was false. Further, the website uses
the following disclaimer about it’s content: “ is a
combination of real shocking news and satirical entertainment to keep its
visitors in a state of disbelief.”
Now, for anyone who reads the faux article, I ask you, did this seem
even in the *least* like typical satire? An online definition of the word
satire reads as such,
“the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and
criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of
contemporary politics and other topical issues.”
And though I think that most of us can agree, yes, there is some
exaggeration(i.e. making a fake article is a flat out *lie*) here, but
what, beyond desiring people to give the website hits, is the point of even
creating such an article, or fake claim anyone would make such a thing? Is
it really a good thing to satirize child abuse???
Sure, there are many people, with exceptionally poor taste, who make
literature and write tv shows and movies with much the same, tasteless
content. But the reason this especially makes no sense to me, is how they
reference the man, Buck Dobson, as not only having been abused himself, but
in some capacity unknown, having worked in the Colorado prison system to
attempt to rehabilitate said child abusers.
Yet, there is *no* further information about this man named,’Buck’,
nor is there any additional info with his connection to the Colorado
rehabilitation program, or any sort of info related to him and any Colorado
Prison, credentials, etc.
What we *do* see, however, is by typing into Google,’ buck dobson
colorado’, are *many* websites, repeating word for word, the *exact* same
article. Some, no doubt are copying and pasting for views, but who knows
how many people are reading this, re-posting it lazily, and *not* fact
I am suspecting this is continuing a sort of convert agenda to
introduce ideas, and then, monitor what readers think-you know, another
form of social engineering. I say this because certain terms are added to
the so-called story, such as Dobson telling a his thoughts to a supposed
website or publication called,’Christian Family Daily’. And not only does
this Christian site/publication not come up *at all* on a search, but those
who do not know, will assume this man is potentially an actual Christian,
and his intentions are from a ‘God-Fearing-Man’. By placing that in the
article, the intent, in my opinion, is to subconsciously slip in the idea
to *actual* Christians and conservatives with similar view points reading,
that this is potentially an ‘ok’ idea.
It’s bad enough that the article is apparently fake, but it’s on
several-plus other websites, and again, who knows how many people read and
share. I *do* think it is intended to shock and disgust, certainly, but at
the end of the day, I think this is a way to put subconscious ideas into
people’s heads, including a loose view of morals, the end justifying the
means(such as profiting in a great way off of people’s sicknesses and
perpetuating a sickness and proclivity for abuse, further), and to get
people *used* to reading such things(just like what Lance said about what
he senses in coming for abusers demanding or actually getting rights to
I do *not* take junk like this lightly, and there is way too much
of this stuff being pushed in our society now. The Prancing Elites, being
set in Alabama, to show how the stereotypically backward in our society
view gay lifestyles(sarcasm). Bruce Jenner was pivotal in an additional
push for society to be comfortable with the transgender-agenda, because he
is not identifying himself as a gay man, or proposing to push his thoughts
across a more LGBT platform. No. He was strategically pushed to the
forefront of this agenda with the following qualities: 1)Was a former, very
successful, well known athlete=virile, strong,
able-bodied-masculine=Americans were already comfortable with him for
years. 2) Had been married more than once to *women* only, and had
children=family man, potentially loves to procreate, another tie-in to us
viewing him as masculine/ a relate-able father figure. And 3) Mentions God
in his interview, and than he *still* likes women=this idea *should* be
acceptable now, because even virile, macho, masculine, father figures can
ALSO change their gender-it’s no big deal, and now, he is happy, so we
should be too.
I am sick to death of these messages pushed on us, and all this
obvious social engineering, and find the Dobson * article * is much the
same. Just my 2 cents!

Gabriela Asare
Gabriela Asare
April 30, 2015 5:12 PM

There is already a movement. It’s called NAMBLA. As a child molestation and rape victim I can’t stand for this. It’s beyond sick and disgusting. They better not try to sit here and try to make child molesters seem like this behavior is ok.

April 29, 2015 9:24 PM

Pause at 1:04:25 = My thing is dude is 65. If he was not getting that Olympian; and getting them Kardashian checks…. would he still wait till he was in his 60’s to finally chop and change from man to woman??? Isn’t ANY kind of surgery RISKY as we age? Is the lesson that as long as you have disposable income your chances of surviving the risks that you CHOOSE to take is greater? smh. People who become transgender without the access to disposable income, how do they afford the major cost, just to change gender their parents raised them as? All this $$$$ floating? IDK

April 29, 2015 7:44 PM

Only 20:21 into the video 🙂

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