PEDOPHILIA Is The Next Major Agenda Being Pushed While The Masses Are Asleep! – The LanceScurv Show

At a University Of Wurzburg Germany speech on Pedophilia and why those who are should be understood better than society does, the audience sat silent at the case that was presented in a manner that was coyly pro-pedophile to say the least. I’ve been saying this for years and now it’s being revealed at last.

There is no hiding or remaining in denial from the inevitable evil that is being planned for the world, it’s right there in front of our faces and up under our noses in a very bold and brazen fashion as if to say that it is here to stay and we as righteous living people ought to embrace it because we have absolutely NO CHOICE!

Listen in to this short video clip on this episode of The LanceScurv Show and please leave your thoughts and comments in the area below!

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