We as Black people have been quiet for too long when it comes to the issue of child molestation, pedophilia and all levels of child predators that lurk and move in our silence.
Why is it that collectively we can speak so loud on many topics but become eerily silent when it comes to our actual inner circle family members being touched by an uncle, being touched by her stepfather, being preyed on by the predator the that may have the same blood coursing through his or her veins to execute such twisted acts on a child? Often times the silence is perpetrated by those who were the very victims of the same violation that you attempt to ignore and your families today. What do we hope to get by being silent and not callout that family member who is either doing something as mild as touching and a severe of forcing sexual acts performed on them up to full intercourse from not only children who are close to the legal age but the actual children who are still in diapers.

It doesn’t make it any less if that family member merely touched a child through the clothing because it is something that shouldn’t be done at all. There are no severe or less severe’s of child molestation as it is something that should be happening at all and every child receives this violation in a very different way. Again, it should not be happening at all and no matter how much you try to explain it away and rationalize it those who are so bold to do these things should be wiped off of the face of the earth immediately once is proven that they did this.

But why is it so hard for us as a traditionally strong people who were used to build entire countries could shy away from addressing the sicknesses that are going on in our families behind closed doors? In this video discussion we explore the reasons why speaking about pedophilia in our inner circles is so difficult. No matter how silent we are it will not go away until we face it head on and it will continue indefinitely operating in our silence to hurt our children for generations to come.

I charge anyone with knowledge of this activity of the violation of our children with the crime of aiding and abetting a pedophile in his madness.
I urge you to share this discussion on all of your social media and to also share your perspectives on this topic in the comments section below because it is something we cannot ever shy away from speaking on again.
Thank you very much for spending your precious time with us and I hope to see you again in our subsequent discussions. Enjoy.

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