People Are Just Not Always What They Claim To Be!

People are just not always what they claim to be.

With the job that I have working with the public I get a lot of time to observe human nature on a deeper level than most. I like to sometimes say that when I go to work everyday I am paid to watch a human fish tank. When you really think about it, it’s the truth as we are on display in a very revealing manner.

I make it a point to get very relaxed right before immersing myself with so many strange and unpredictable spirits. You have to. Because so many will be kind and courteous but others will come at you because of the things lacking in their world that they assume is pouring over in abundance in yours.


It’s a common trait that I find most humans have. They work so hard to appear as though they have their acts together but deep down their insecurities eat away at them behind the safety of their security masks. But I see past all of that because as a bus driver, I get to see many of the same people over an extended period of time and can “average out” their public and private selves to know them in ways that their close inner circle never could.

And it’s not that I’m some kind of voyeuristic stalker type but after a time, these things will begin to reveal themselves to you in an effortless manner.

It’s almost hard to remember that you really AREN’T in these people’s personal lives because you’ve come to know and observe them in a very captive way in the time that it takes for them to get home and back into their private reality.

But in that short stretch of time that it does take for them to return once again to their humble abode, whether it be 10 minutes or an hour and a half, they can let it all hang out as that bus ride home has the effect of going to a shrink!

Deception Vows

Everyone has challenges, or rather problems as everyone else likes to say, but most will try to get as much of it off of them before they get in. So what do they do? They either talk to their friends in a very intense manner or the more popular method is to get on their cellphone and gab away about every intimate issue that they are having in their private life!

For some reason, many people do not understand the acoustics on the bus is like one big sound stage where the sound is projected right to the front of the bus! So you hear the frustrated wives speaking to their girlfriends on how fed up they are with their husbands who can’t last more than a minute, leaving them to manually take care of their needs and desires without even as much as some oral stimulation from their now snoring mates.

You hear of the much in demand young hot shapely women who have the dilemma of trying to go out on two dates in one night because the money that they hope to get out of both gentleman will be quite a lucrative deal.

You overhear a lying husband trying to explain where the mortgage money went as he takes his time coming home because of his huge purchase of crack that he wants to smoke before he arrives home for the beat down.

You see the tears in the eyes of that under aged teen who has to explain to her pedophile sugar daddy that her mother received a cellphone picture of them entering a hotel room when she was supposed to be in school and that the cops are on their way to pick HIM up!

What about the closeted gay guy who forgot to log out of his Facebook account before going to work to an angry wife who went through his e-mail and is filing for divorce after finding those I-phone pictures of him “servicing” their Pastor?

I can go on and on about what I overhear on my bud everyday but the main point that I’m trying to share tonight is that most people are not who they say they are.

When you meet people in public or on these jobs you are truly meeting their representative. Scary thought isn’t it?

Stop Lying

But it’s the truth, and this is why at this point in my life I am not really looking to add too many new “energies” in my circle because you just don’t know WHAT you are letting into your world!

But the fact of the matter is that it takes time to feel out a person and try out their energy in different scenarios but the bottom line is that you never rush!

It’s sad that just to merely be friends one has to go about it in a safe way as though it was some kind of romantic union but it has gotten to that point in today’s world. So much can happen if you are stabbed in the back by someone who you’ve let into your life and it’s just not worth it.

People are just not always what they claim to be.

While taking your time to allow someone in your space, you must check to see what footprints they are leaving in the sands of their life. If they are not passionate or working toward SOME kind of goal, I would say that it’s guaranteed that they are not about anything that you would want to get mixed up with in the end. Be friendly. Be cordial. But keep it moving!

You know, the older I’ve gotten is the more I value my time and the power that having quality time to add on to my personal legacy can bring. I am not about to waste it pursuing the foolish endeavors that I used to in my distant past as it irks me to the hilt to know that I cannot EVER get that time back.

So take your time to KNOW your company or get a jump start on who they are and anonymously ride the bus! LOL! That’s the ONE place I can guarantee that EVERYONE lets it all hang out! Take my word for it!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,


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