People Beware: Is The Neknominate Game Peer Pressure At Its Deadliest?


What the heck is it and how did it start?

It started out as an exhibitionist driven episode where a woman publicly stripped down to her lingerie after taking off her trench coat in a supermarket and throwing down a drink recorded and uploaded to a social media site.

Afterward the dare was on because she challenged anyone to top her.

This is how it works, after the individual drinks their alcoholic concoction, they send out the challenge to their friends or the world and give them twenty four hours to outdo them. If the individual to whom the challenge was directed does not comply, they are ridiculed for not having the guts to take on the dare.

Once again, is this peer pressure at its deadliest?

The craziness was now on the warpath as others mixed extremely dangerous blends of alcohol and another who drank his concoction with a dead mouse in the container.

Yet another drank out of the toilet while others drank their alcohol mixed with goldfish, dog food, engine oil and bugs!

But not to put the blame on social media in general but this phenomenon is raging mostly over Facebook and YouTube.

Its roots are believed to have originated in Australia but is now all over the world and because of the speed of these social media platforms, it has gone all over the face of the earth with no end in sight.


The sad part is that at the time of this writing five men under thirty have died and the way this game is moving so fast I don’t think they will be the last.

Professionals have stepped forward to explain the dangers of consuming large amounts of alcohol even if one is not indulging in this foolish game but doesn’t everyone know that alcohol in any amount is no good for you?

Maybe these individuals are so foolish that they might have to take a class or two to understand that playing with a plugged in electric toaster might also be a little dangerous when soaking in a bathtub!

My thing is with the need that too many of our younger have for attention and the accessibility to broadcast this buffoonery all over the planet, this is a very dangerous place for many people that simply appears to be good clean fun.

Rebecca Dagley Neknominate

We have to understand that the times we are living in today are a very explosive time indeed. While for us who are older understand and remember what it was like to go through those torturous growing pains, most of us can’t comprehend how dangerous it would have been for us to have access to such a vast platform of expression when we were in our rebellious years.

This not only should be a concern for this latest manifestation of online craziness, but for all of the other types of cyber dysfunction that happens right up under our noses and is a accelerate to ever further personal disaster.

…….and you thought your household was safe because you didn’t possess any firearms?

We’ve learned to do ourselves great harm in a manner that is just as deadly and lethal than any firearm you could think off.

neknominate empty bottle

But for the most part, those who are partaking in this physically destructive game are not young teenagers as one might think but in their twenties for the most part.

Have we regressed as human being that much where we would consider this something that’s fun or is it an indication to a deeper issue that we have as young men and women?

I think it’s a little of both, for the most part there would have to be some major deficiencies within someone to even consider doing something along those lines.

When I observed most of the Neknominate participants they all seemed to be fairly intelligent individuals who lacked the maturity to avoid such nonsense. But this is where we can sometimes be fooled as those who have the intelligence and can act mature at the crucial junction points in life can slip passed the radar to surprise us when their immaturity does surface for the worst.

Social Media platforms like Facebook and Youtube have given us direct access to what others are doing not only behind close doors but on the other side of the world.

To someone seeking attention whose self esteem is directly tied into the amount of views or hits a video gets this can be a very addictive outlet indeed.

Could this be the result of the generation of parents who had to work several jobs just to make ends meet while leaving the kids pretty much alone to raise themselves in front of the television?



I do believe that more time spent with ones children would result in them growing up to NOT feel a need to indulge in crap such as this. And remember, just because someone turns eighteen years old does NOT mean that they are matured completely.

Hopefully this potentially fatal practice will wear itself out without anyone else dying from it, but Facebook has already put out a statement regarding Neknominate and to me it appears they are only saying this officially to distance themselves away from any legal liability.

This is what was said: “We do not tolerate content which is directly harmful, for example bullying, but behavior which some people may find offensive or controversial is not always necessarily against our rules.

“We encourage people to report things to us which they feel breaks our rules so we can review and take action on a case by case basis.”

So if they can claim that they didn’t see it, then it’s not their fault that it happened. They squarely put the burden of proof on the Facebook user who sees it and giving them the responsibility to report it.

It must be noted that several advertisements were placed alongside those Neknominate postings clearly letting the world know that Facebook definitely intends to make money off of it even if they play dumb in the process.

Whatever social media network that is responsible for playing a video in which the poster gets sick or even dies, then they should pay for the medical expenses and/ or the funeral costs for that person.

If that were the case then Facebook would find a way to dry those videos up really fast but in this world the bottom line is to make money by any means necessary…….

…….even if it means someone dying in the process.

This is the world that we live in people, a little common sense will bring it back to where it once was.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Very Mature & Non Alcoholic For Life Brother,



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