The Period Of Loss Is Really The Best Time To Truly Say Thanks!

Loss is inevitable.

We all take losses in this life.

We lose material items as well as the imaginary man made perception of status.

Some of the things that we thought were losses were really gains that cleared the way to receive something that is truly precious and advantageous to our lives.

Those are the things that I want at this point in my life and I am in a state of continuously shedding anything that does not have any true long lasting value over the long haul in my existence.

One of the things that can be considered a great loss is when we lose a parent or loved one who was instrumental in who we eventually became as an adult.

Crying Eyes At The Time Of Loss

When we’ve developed into a person that the masses have deemed an example of excellence because of the principles of decency that we’ve allowed to guide our life, we’ve got to give thanks to those who have instilled those principles into us that will most likely live on beyond their journey here on this Earth.

What does this mean?

I lost my Father in 1990 and my Mother in 1994 and I’ve found this to mean that I’ve now become their representative in the relay race of life because the baton has been passed on to me.

When I see a relay race and observe how the runner in front has to start moving up even before they receive the baton and the one who is trying to pass it on begins to synchronize their steps to make the transition smoother, it reminds me of how our parents and guardians have begun the process of passing the baton long before they take their last steps in that glorious race.

You'll Never Suffer Loss When The Baton Is Passed

When you fully have that baton in your grasp it is YOU who now possess that qualities that were instilled in you whether you realize it or not.

Yes, you will feel the pain of the loss of your loved ones, but after a short time you will feel the strength of what they put in you come alive in such a powerful way.

It is then when you gain this level of “knowing” that you are part of something immense and get the strong comfort from within that everything will be alright.

You are to trust in this overwhelming sense of connectedness to creation.

Loss Is Impossible When you Remain Connected

Do not be distracted by the illusions that man has placed in front of you to keep you from your Creator.

This is what they mean by walking in faith. You can’t see it but you know it’s there. While others try to tell you that certain things don’t exist, YOU know that they are as real as the chair that you are sitting down on.

I’ve found from experience that the more you truly trust in the promise of God in your life is the less that the sting of losing a loved one hurts ultimately.

Yes, we are all human and will have to take some time to adjusting to that void in our life, but if you allow the goodness of God to flow into those voids to fill them up you will find that your love for that loved one will live on as you can still laugh at the jokes that you’ve shared as well as the precious times that you created together.

In actuality when you look at it, with God in your life their could really be no true loss if He is in control!

During my somewhat busy schedule, I am never too far from my parents. It is hard to explain but I know that someone is reading this and understanding exactly where I am coming from.

Loss Doesn't Exist During Meditation

I find myself saying things that they would say effortlessly. I catch a glimpse of them when I glance into the mirror as I walk by it. I can hear their voice in my head telling me what to avoid and what’s the right thing to do.

I have learned long ago that it is a firm belief that in African culture that we can walk with and communicate with our ancestors in a manner that is beyond the reasoning of the Christianity that was given to us when we arrived to these shores called America.

We have literally turned our backs on that beautiful sound of ancestral connectedness that guides us from within like a Spiritual GPS (Global Positioning System) in order to submit to a mindset that is always guaranteed to lead us astray time after time again.

I believe that in the time of loss we are to look within for our comfort and at the things that our loved ones have so wisely placed inside of us for that emotional rainy day that is sure to come.

So take that very baton that was passed on to you and make a point to represent THEM to the best of your abilities as the shining example of who they were on this planet in order to continually show them the respect that they deserve for raising you into who you are.

You Have To Take A Loss Before Realizing Victory

Sure, they nor you are a walking example of perfection. But I do know that we ALL are a work in progress and deserve to have the chance to fulfill our potential so that we will have something to add on to that special baton that was handed to us when we hadn’t a clue as to what this life would be all about.

So thank God, thank your parents, guardians and Elders and shed a tear or two out of the happiness that has been granted you from their presence in your life and if you still do feel a little sad, know that it’s okay because it won’t be long before it’s your time to travel down that same sweet road of transition to once again be reunited with your God and all who you love to know that the pain you felt is really a temporary state when compared to eternity!

…….and to live your life the way your Elders taught you is the ultimate form of gratitude.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother,



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