PERMIT PATTY: White Women Always Cry When They Get Caught! – The LanceScurv Show

The current media craze over that perpetual White Privileged Card holder called the White Woman who can’t help herself when she asserts her power and status in this society when it comes to Black people who are simply trying to live is nothing new for Black People in Amerikkka.

Long before that individual had the police called on them for simply taking a nap in a public university area or having a seat in a Starbucks for several minutes after using the restroom before deciding what they desired to order, we’ve had to deal with these insecure low self esteemed White women who have to let us know who is really in charge!

Every job has at least one and God forbid if there are several of these types who infest our workplace. But regardless as to the number I swear that they have taken some type of divine oath to make the lives of Black people who are evidently doing the right thing a pure HELL!

What else could it be?

I mean, we know that they are inherently evil to the core but their well known ability to hate you and make it appear that they love you is getting hard let and harder to maintain evidently as the truth comes out to the world for all to see in bold fashion.

But again, no matter what you call her – Permit Patty or Barbecue Becky – they always shed those fake ass tears when they are caught demonizing Black people with every ounce of strength and breath that they can summon from the depths of their flattened derrière!

Let the truth be told!

PERMIT PATTY: White Women Always Cry When They Get Caught! - The LanceScurv Show

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