Persistence – Staying Strong In The Game Of Life When The Others Fall Off

The Manny Pacquiao – Juan Manuel Marquez Super-fight Mega Event in Las Vegas kept a whole lot of people off of the streets last night and glued to the television screens as it promised to be a war just like their previous three fights fought over an eight year time span during their fighting careers.

The sport of boxing is not an easy sport at all and I don’t think anyone will dispute me when I say that it is one of if not THE hardest sport to pursue because of the intense training and the potential for death in any second of a match.

Plus, who really wants to get punched in the face on a regular basis?

Juan Manuel Marquez knocks out Manny Pacquiao

Not me.

But that being said boxing has been my favorite sport from single digit ages and was the reason I put down my passion for reading and collecting comic books as I was so impressed not merely at the sight of two men (And now women) punching each other but the unique look into the human spirit and the dramatic theater of the unknown.

Many casual observers to the sport of boxing will only concern themselves with the results of whether their favorite won or lose their bout. But to a die hard boxing fan like myself, I see so much more and have learned to respect these men who had the balls to step up into a situation that is so frightening when you really think about it.

Imagine, here you are in front of a huge crowd – or as in last nights case performing under the scrutiny of the world stage – where if either combatant lost in embarrassing fashion it would be photographed, seen, discussed, observed, talked about and broken down by the entire world for years to come! Not only that, but to have endured the endless hours of interviews, questions about ones personal life, people looking for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual chinks in your armor can be downright DRAINING! And yes, let us not forget,there are those grueling training sessions that must be executed for MONTHS before the match where you are sacrificing so much in not living a normal life while swallowing the pain of the physical and the drain of the emotional.

Some of us have no respect for such an effort and will put a fighter down when these same armchair referees and experts don’t even possess enough drive to get up and dispose of their garbage or cut their own lawn!


Go figure.

But these thoughts that I am happily sharing upon my awakening is not only about the sport of boxing but it’s more about the human spirit.

Many of us may not be career championship level boxers, but we sure can be champions in the area of our personal lives. And the same display of human character can be exhibited to the world in so many winning ways no less than a Juan Manuel Marquez and a Manny Pacquiao.

The one essential quality that you must have to succeed in any chosen area of excellence is persistence. In this day of the microwave oven, instant text messaging and digital photos, human kind has become spoiled and lost out the will to be subjected to the character building low slow burning fires of time to teach us the little things to master our craft. We now seem to lack the persistence to hang in there when the going gets tough.

As human beings, we will never feel as though we are living a full life when we punk out from the challenges and struggles that life will surely bring. Anyone who has tasted any type of hard earned victory will tell you that it was even sweeter because of the time that it took to get there and the intensity of their sacrifice which could never have been experienced if not for that intangible but very important attribute of being persistent.

Those who don’t possess a persistent mindset will call you crazy for going after your dreams but will quickly tell you after your success that they knew that you can do it!

Those who don’t understand that persistence is a precursor to the success that they claim to crave will never realize it if you are not bold enough to put yourself in that place of risk to manifest that new reality and enjoy the rewards that came from taking that risk.

Manny Pacquiao took a risk last night in getting in the ring with a man hellbent on separating him from his senses and to the casual viewer he was a loser but in actuality he wasn’t. Manny displayed the heart that got him to such a stellar level of acknowledgment by his peers and because of the pristine traits that he possesses, should be more admired for those than the luxury vehicles that he may drive, the mansion that he may live in or the star treatment that he receives where ever he travels because none of it wouldn’t have ever been possible if he didn’t possess the persistent spirit to believe in himself when others may have not.

The same can be said of Juan Manuel Marquez who had to settle for a draw in their first fight and two more “losses” which was a victory of the heart because those memorable fights couldn’t have been the contests for the ages if Mr. Marquez wasn’t one half of the equation to those epic battles.

Juan Manuel Marquez didn’t pity himself after three fights with Manny Pacquiao and not one win, he stuck in there and believed in himself even when others claimed that he was washed up. He worked the basics of his trade and took the TIME to make it a reality. So pity neither one of these brave men if they take a loss in the ring because that will happen in life from time to time. But instead we should look to these shining examples of persistence in our lives in order to overcome any situation or circumstances that life may place us in.

So whether it’s attaining that college degree, starting a new life after going through years of esteem numbing domestic violence or just plain old losing a few pounds after your culinary holiday indulgences, utilizing the mindset of persistence will have us all become winners no matter what the goal how big or small!

Happy Holidays people and know that it is never too late to pull out that victory! If you are alive, you can be persistent!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Persistent Brother,


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