Philadelphia to an outsider who doesn’t know the place and has no sizable connection to it would be very confused if they asked the opinions of ten different people who live there as they would more than likely receive ten vastly contradictory responses.

Well common sense would tell you that with such a complex weave of cultures, social statuses and under the surface alliances hidden in plain sight it would take so much more than a mere glance in order to delve below the surface of such a fascinating city.

What makes it even more amazing is that it exists in the shadow of New York City but is not second rate in its intensity and flavor like a small restaurant that has longer lines than the bigger culinary establishments that has never experienced a full house. Our beautiful and brilliant Sister Carrie Lux has some very deep roots and will take your on a cerebral tour of the City Of Brotherly Love in a manner that will have you either reminiscing if you are connected to “Philly” or craving more because you are intrigued by its very interesting depths and history.

If this episode of Carrie Lux has brought back memories and you’d like to add in your much appreciated two cents, feel free to leave a few short – or long – words below in the comment section and let us build a cyber conversation that is nothing short of phenomenal!

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