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I totally respect Phylicia Rashad for her brave and positive stand to publicly defend the legacy and character of Bill Cosby while others have cowered like spineless punks in a deafening silence!

It’s amazing to me that there are countless Hollywood so called stars that have actually done worse than what Bill Cosby is accused of and are forgiven time and time again to be damn near worshiped as a god beside God while Cosby is torn down every chance that’s available.

Am I jumping on the pro-Cosby bandwagon now that Phylicia Rashad now stood up?

Am I defending Bill Cosby simply because he’s Black?

It’s a big fat NO to both questions and it is on record that I approached the Bill Cosby rape scandal and accusations with an open mind, even at the time open to the possibility that he might have been guilty to some degree.

But as the ridiculous amount of women stood up in unison as though a trumpet had sounded for them to stand up and attack, I began to see what this really was all about and I basically said in a prior Cosby video that this was an attack on his Legacy.

Right is right and wrong is wrong!

Until I see PROOF that Bill Cosby did what these disgruntled women said that he did then they need to go sit down somewhere and get a real job and save their pennies for a rainy damn day!

At this point it is apparent that no Black man is allowed to attain a particular level of fame, fortune with the potential of a Legacy and Bill Cosby is the latest ICON to catch hell at the hands of the shadowy Hollywood figures that are hellbent on maintaining control over our minds!

They did it with Michael Jackson and they’re now doing it with Bill Cosby.

It makes me wonder, will they go after Denzel Washington in the future when they see that he has maintained a pristine image on and off of the camera without any Hollywood scandals whatsoever?

Remember, the Hollywood movers and shakers don’t need a bonafide star who has an independent mind and wants to move into areas that have not traditionally been the places where they’ve been allowed to tread.

Phylicia Rashad Graphic

It’s a threat especially since there is big bucks in the buffoonery that America sucks up as entertainment and even more so in the character assassination of the image of Black people as it is put out to the world via these poisoned broadcasts.

So please read between the lines when a man of his standing is attacked because if Bill Cosby’s Legacy is to live on unscathed, it’s something that will inspire our youth to supercede his accomplishments more so beyond the desire to be a rapper, a video chick, a basketball player, a gangbanger or a drug dealer.

An attack on Bill Cosby is an attack on our culture and we need to see it for what it is!

Please leave your opinions and perspectives in the comment area below and know that Ihave absolutely NO problem if you disagree. Tha’s what keeps a civil debateinteresting and very much a learning experience.

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always,

Your Fiery Outspoken Brother,



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