Planet X, Wild Bears & The Diminishing Power Of Hoodrat Booty! – The LanceScurv Show

Big Spence captivates the microphone tonight on ManTalk Confidential as he speaks on a few topics that are near and dear to him at the current time.

Is this phenomenon called Planet X nothing more than a fraudulent doomsday prophecy or is it a matter that we need to research and prepare for to the best of our ability?

On the subject of nature, we all sometimes tend to forget that we share our planet with countless other animals and life forms but those unexpected encounters in the dark of night can prove to be the most hilarious!

Big Spence shares with us a tale from his recent past that will have a more severe effect on our bowel movement than eating five pounds of Ex-Lax! Don’t laugh too hard!

Somehow – and don’t ask me how we accomplished it – we got off of the subject of conspiracy theories and wild animals and onto the topic of women.

I guess this was a matter of saving the best for last because the conversation got very intense on the hood rats, relationships, sex and the power of the Booty! You don’t want to miss this one for sure!

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  • Spoken Poet says:

    We are living in the last days, and even in the Bible it says ” There is
    nothing new under the sun” And there are things that we do not know that
    are under and above, Also with the group Cern they are trying to open a
    porthole I guess to Hell, But they need to leave that stuff alone, because
    they are not ready for what is in that porthole

  • K. Halli says:

    Please do a video on how the average person like myself can prepare or even
    put an escape plan together even its not feasible please share

  • The Rookie Seeks says:

    Ecclesiastes 1:18 came to mind. I feel the apocalyptic movies like 2012,
    Elysium, San Andreas, to name a few, are insight they would use to come
    back with “we tried to tell you” subliminally. People laugh but its hard to
    when events prove true! The weather DEFINITELY isn’t natural, but a
    consequence of our collective greed (over consumption, harvesting, ozone
    depletion, construction etc.). I know that in 08 it was reported 2/3 of
    Earth’s natural resources (water, oil, natural gas, phosphorus, coal, rare
    earth elements) were used, wasn’t surprised. We must keep researching.

  • Bradley Coates says:

    I seen 2 suns rising about 7 years ago

  • Melvin Keelen says:

    This is the kind of stuff Dr.Phil Valentine have been talking about for

  • Mason Storm 09? says:

    “I’d rather have a smart loyal chick that I can help build her sex appeal
    up than to have a pretty big booty dumb bitch that fucked & sucked the
    whole block!”

  • movado242 says:

    Good to hear some brothas covering these topics. I mentioned haarp to a
    friend the other day and he looked at me sideways.

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