Political Promises 2012 – Same Bullshit / Different Year!

The political election season has rolled around again and I for one am not looking forward to it.


Because it is the time of the science of lies.

Politicians and there cronies will be no better than those rappers from the ‘hood bragging about their mansions, cars, riches and hoes yet have nothing other than what their mama or woman gave them other than the lint in their pockets.

It’s amazing how we as human beings look for reasons to see the differences in each other when convenient but when disaster strikes we all of a sudden become one!

Which one is it?

I remember before the World Trade Center George Bush attacks when this little old white lady used to always let me enter the Dunkin Donuts first by holding the door for me not because she was so kind but because she was scared to death of me because I guess she was a regular fan of the evening news. Yet after 9-11 she was afraid to enter that same Dunkin’ Donuts without me because the Middle Eastern gentlemen who owned the joint resembled Osama Bin Laden so much to her that it left her frightened that THEY were terrorists!

What hypocrisy!

The reason that I am not playing this political game is that I don’t want to be categorized and labeled according to the slots that are available for me to be put in because of what my social beliefs are and how someone else can or cannot comprehend them. I am far to vast to be labeled as a left winger or a democrat. I am far to vast that one should be shocked when my thoughts on self help and a sturdy work ethic may be music to the ears of many republicans. I am bigger than that.

But you know what?

Call me an unpredictable radical militant and I will be okay with that because I enjoy being something that is far too threatening to be embraced by a country of hypocrites who only want to include me when they have a war to fight with an enemy who never did me the harm that these over here on these shores have done to me all of my life.

You see, I am a very loyal individual, it’s ride or die for me as I don’t know any other way. But I see how this country treats its fallen warriors who blindly went to combat for a demon who cared not for their welfare when they returned home wounded and unable to fend for themselves. I’ve observed on many occasions how these same courageous individuals had to literally cross their fingers and pray to the heavens that the VA would cover their medical expenses and take care of the responsibilities to the women and men of the arm forces that was supposed to be a foregone conclusion after returning. But now they feel as though to get the help is no better than rolling the dice or gambling because things these days are so uncertain.

Amerikkka is like that dude who told you that he loved you to get the pussy and then acted like he didn’t know you the next day as though it never took place. No my friend, I think I’ll pass…….

Politics is a plastic sport with a credibility no better than the premeditated moves of professional wrestling, at least those contrived battles of the wrestlers are done personally by them and not like the politicians that are afraid to battle and look for those bipartisan Kumbaya moments that will never take place.

One week you see them walking down your street to shake your hand and kiss your babies and the next week you can’t even walk down those same streets because of the police that are there that were supposed to protect you!

Where are the grinning politicians then when you are faced down in the dirty street with lights flashing ever so bright while your vehicle is searched as though you were guilty of doing something more than taking a drive out to the supermarket to pick up something for your wife?

This country is now the laughing stock of the world because our own brazen and arrogant poisons have turned in and against us in the worst way and we have no one else to blame for it than ourselves.

Now I have to endure another election year of disillusioned people chant how much they want their country back while the very people who have the ONLY right to say that are cooped up on a reservation and in a downward spiral of self destruction from the stresses of what has been done to them. Yet the thieves want their stolen goods back! Get the hell out of here! How arrogant this place is and you mean I am supposed to try to blend in with these psychotic people?

One minute you are a thieving nigger who is up to no good and then in the next moment you are considered an American when those same oppressors are scared shitless and running to church like a scared baby running to the arms of their mother when they heard a bump in the night.

Please, don’t ask me what party that I am a part of unless you are mentioning the Black Panther Party. What’s up with that? That’s the only party that you can tell me about and in reality their numbers are not back up to par yet and might be so infiltrated that it ain’t funny!

So allow me to be the one man wrecking machine that I have always been in the eyes of the brain-washer and oppressor. Let me be that lone sleeper cell of a Black man who is so unpredictable and relentless in my creativity that it brings nightmares to the very same ones who thought that years ago I would never come back and left for dead. You know who you are…….

So bring that dirty political side show somewhere else because Lance Scurvin ain’t having it. You can put the monster in a Black trojan horse and train him to speak in inspirational soundbitable jingles all that you want to but I see right through it! I see right through it because I am in a perfectly synchronized spiritual melanated flow with a fully active pituitary gland that is thoroughly charged for the battles that lie ahead. And for those of you who do not understand what I just said please don’t call me crazy because your school teacher chose to keep you blind on these matters. Get mad at them for NOT teaching you the mystic truths that would have kept YOU from looking so damn crazy to me!

So while you allow CNN, Headline News, Fox and the multitude of brain numbing media outlets dull your greatest weapon, leave me alone to sharpen the blade for battle and hone my most feared weapon of combat…….my mind!

So continue to look toward these devils for what God has given you the power to do for yourself, not only are you insulting Him, you are moving into a space that will be very dangerous for you to continue as you have. and oh Lord when that chastisement comes I know I want to be on the right side of the battlefield indeed!

…….and a damn politician will ever put me there!

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