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Maybe it’s me, but Politics today appears to be morphing into more of a sideshow than it ever has before.

It’s basically a two party system where a person whose vast and unique needs just cannot be satisfied with such a limited menu from which to choose from.

Democrat or Republican.

One side versus the other.

Which one do you fit in?

It’s literally impossible to squeeze the entire population of the United States of America onto either side but we seem to fall for the game and mental trap!

We have grown men and women who are running for these various offices and positions who for the most part tend to act in a subhuman cut throat manner simply because they want to win and seem they will do so at any cost.


On the other hand, you may get the feeling like I did that this is one big sham because right after these elections, the same two who were airing each others dirty laundry out for the world to see are now enjoying a game of golf together or hanging out at an exclusive social club appearing to be the best of friends!

What gives?

While I do understand that the positions and offices in politics serves a purpose when it comes to keeping the lifeblood of the country pumping on so many different organized levels such as on a local, state and federal perspective, but what I have a challenge understanding is that gray area in which corruption and deception thrive.

Why is it that we can find a potential candidate dumping one million dollars of his own personal funds into a campaign that will only place him in an office that pays a little over $100,000?

To me it appears that politics is necessary but there is just too much room for unscrupulous behavior when it comes to the power that a mere human being is given which results in the scandals that frequent the news in what appears to be a daily event somewhere in the country.

Please leave your thoughts and perspectives below in the comment area and let’s dialogue on this ever controversial topic!

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