Positive Pregnancy Tests For Profit & The Big Business Of Leveraging Your Coochie For Cash!

Pregnancy has become big business even more so than ever before!

And please don’t say that I’m being cold hearted by stating that it’s big business, because with the over inflated healthcare costs for pregnant women as well as the raw price for pregnancy when you don’t have coverage let’s you know how much of a revenue producer it is for all parties involved in the medical field.

But in a new trend sweeping the internet –especially on Craigslist – pregnant mothers are selling positive pregnancy tests or even better yet their urine in order to cash in on the market of women who want to convince their – or someone else’s – man that they’re pregnant I guess to try to keep him in a relationship that he probably wants no part of.

EPT Pregnancy Test

Here’s an example of one of those Craigslist Ads:

“I am 8 weeks pregnant selling positive pregnancy tests!! IF you wanna prank someone or even trap a man into marriage.. please feel free to email or text Amber.”

When I first heard of this I said to myself: “How low can we go?

Seriously, in a world that always seems to point the finger at the stereotypical man who used a woman for sex and just bounced, look at how devious these women who can follow trough with such a scam all with a straight face?

Is that one particular man really all that important to go through with something that won’t pan out in the end?

I mean, while you can grab his attention with a positive pregnancy test, how will you explain over the course of the next few months that there is no child in sight?

Gentlemen beware! This is real! And while the method of attempting to trap you into staying or even marrying them is getting increasingly high tech, the spirit and rotten low class type of woman is the same ever since the beginning of recorded time.

This is not an attack on all women, because most that I know wouldn’t ever think of doing such a thing, but we must acknowledge that their are many women who would do this and it is those to whom I am addressing.

Could you imagine the endless list of possible scenarios that this could be used in?

PageLines- Mistress.jpg

What about that married man who wanted to end an affair in which the mistress wanted to continue, she could wreck his whole world by telling him that she is pregnant and will keep the child unless he pays her BIG MONEY not to have it.

Sure, I am not condoning any married man having an affair, because he shouldn’t have been dipping his wick in the wrong glass of wax anyway, but what if this particular manipulation caused someone to get murdered because of the magnitude of this bad news hitting them on an emotional level?

Trust me, you can’t play with peoples feelings, especially on this level. But then again, when most of us get involved with someone based on a high level of lust, our greater judgment is severely blurred and we don’t seek to know them over time to know if they have an honorable character or not. We usually just gauge their attributes on what we see and trust what that person says about who they are.

Pregnancy Marriage Trap

The bottom line?

We need to go back to the good old days of dating, courting, formal engagements and marriage.

But we want it all now and men – I have to say it – most of you will get caught up with one of these covert she-devils if she has a nice well rounded derriere and can perform some good hot fellatio on you until your toes curl and eyes roll as though you’re having a seizure swallowing every drop!

…….and after experiencing a few moments of joyful friction, we are ready to tie the knot and don’t even know the chicks last name or even if she has a felony criminal record! LOL!

And that’s all it takes for must of us men to give up our precious sperm so easily and therefore scams such as this will continue to have wind beneath its wings because we give it to them.

But this is merely a reflection on a society that is nosediving at a frightening decline, where we would expect at least a certain amount of decency in how we deal with each other on a level of possessing a respectable character.

Scams such as these are proof positive that we are living in a day an age where all bets are off. Trust no stranger or actually no one who hasn’t earned their way into your inner circle. Don’t let a round ass and a smile give a strange woman a pass into the inner recesses of your life.

While you might think that you are the best thing to happen to her in her entire life because she merely told you so, understand that those are simply words and you just might be just one fool in a line of dozens who will be fooled by a 20 dollar investment of pregnant urine purchased from a Craigslist Ad that’s designed to keep her checking account full at your expense.

Masturbating With Vaseline Prevents Pregnancy

Listen, no matter who you are, know that anyone can get taken for a ride, but I never heard of anyone getting in trouble because they got a jar of Vaseline, watched some online porn, and stroked away their tensions to at least have the peace of mind to know that they will never get that phone call telling them that they got someone pregnant.

It might not be the choice that you want to put out there for the world to know, but you will sleep deep at night happily and deeply because you will wake up with all of your money in your pockets!

As much as an orgasm feels good it can also haunt you for the rest of your life!

Be careful!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother “Who Has Dealt With More Than A Few Skeezers To Know The Difference”,



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