Positive Thinking Is Not Enough If Toxic Clutter Lives In Your Mind!

I’ve found that so many individuals who feel that they’ve failed at their goals haven’t figured out that they had to safeguard their thinking and protect it from the negativity that can so easily permeate their minds.

In this day and age, to truly produce greatness on a sustained and regular basis, you have to go to the extremes to make it real in your mind first before it could ever become a reality.

But most are too distracted with other things that they feel won’t hurt their chances to succeed at making their dreams come true.

We have these television shows that for the most part are poison.

Social Media, unless utilized in limited quantities for a specific purpose, has become nothing more than a toxic cesspool of gossip laden inboxed messages, false personas and forwarded graphics that do nothing for a person except to make the Social Media advertisers rich.


To truly focus and visualize in today’s world, you will more than likely have to move alone. Too many strange mentalities in your midst tugging in so many different directions because of their egos, hidden agendas and ignorance, will destroy a dream quicker than any force known to man.

As surely as I believe in a higher power, that higher power cannot do one thing for you if your own mind is filled with the clutter that blocks you from moving forward with a dream that you claim to want with all of your heart.

When one truly has the desire to bring to fruition what is in their mind, body and soul, they will go to any lengths to indulge in a level of sacrifice that most are unwilling to execute.

This is the difference and that statement is key.

How much are YOU willing to sacrifice in order to make your dream come true?

Most of us are afraid of being alone in the pursuit of our dreams, and even more so, most of us are afraid of being abandoned by the very people who aren’t helping you to do a damn thing in making them come true in the first place!

Usain Bolt

Take inventory of the mental clutter that most aren’t even aware that exists in their mind and make some hard decisions as to what remains and what must be banished.

Move with purpose and know that everything that you do must move you along closer to your goals in one form or another.

Know that to attain great results you must make those great efforts consistently whether they are seen by the outside world or not.

Many of us are too concerned with what our various circles will say when it is time to seek out a new level or goal to manifest and half of the time their views would be expressed to you from a vantage point that is so far different from your own.

Success is all in the mind and if you cannot embrace seeing yourself at the pinnacle of your chosen area of expertise, know that it will never happen no matter how much praying that you do.

Action and movement is required to bring any goal to life so how do you think anything can happen good for you if you refuse to be taken out of your comfort zone to expose yourself to a new way of thinking?


You can purchase all of the books on positive thinking and read them from cover to cover, but if your mind is tied up in the petty endeavors that small minded people enjoy, you will never manifest the greatness that will pass you by in order to bless the next individual who has proven their diligence through visualization, hard work and sacrifice.

I myself have chosen to move into an entirely different lane mentally after really seeing who and what was around me having access to the very mental processes that have brought me so many prior successes without their meddling “help.”

Do not be afraid to throw out the trash of those who mean you no good with a smile on their face, because to cuddle your enemies in order not to hurt their fake feelings is to shut the door on any good coming into your life because that will be that much less space for your Creator to work His magic in your life.

Here’s a recap:

1) So limit your web surfing because that is an easy way to lose your focus by the trivial time wasting things that happen there.

2) Do a mental house cleaning of the various mentalities that are diametrically opposed to your success no matter who they are.

3) Take a Sabbatical from everyone in your midst if you can’t find the culprit of negativity and slowly add them in one by one carefully and leave those entities out who you have discovered to be counterproductive to your goals.

4) Be prepared to sacrifice more than you’ve ever sacrificed before to show your Creator that you truly need the blessings that He has for you in abundance.

Implement these tactics and methods into your life NOW and you will notice a great change immediately and a weight will be lifted from your mind so that you can get on with the business at hand to move swiftly to your success!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Forever Striving Brother,




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