The Power Of Life Force: Understanding How Not To Become A Victim Of Our Own Enthusiasm!

We all must learn to conserve our precious “Life Force” so that we can utilize it strategically when the best opportunity arrives to do so.

Babbling with fools with hangups and irreparable attitudes will not help you to reach this level of being.

Doing this will only distract you from the opportunity when it arrives because you were so caught up in winning an argument with a fool who knows he is going absolutely nowhere.


And yes, there are fools out here in the world and by no means am I speaking in a condescending manner to anyone.

In the past I have said that the word “stupid” is in the dictionary for a reason. We seem to fight hard against the mere words or labels being put on us when our actions epitomize the very meaning of that despicable word.

So instead of getting into a war of words with anyone who you see is merely displaying how empty they are, simply disengage.

After a time they will realize that you want nothing to do with the time consuming pissing contest as you have so much more to do with your time on a positive level.

Conserving your life force is paramount to achieving any measure of success in most fields of endeavor. But it doesn’t simply mean just staying away from fools and the ignorant arguments that they bring, it also means watching over what you do as far as how you spend your precious time.

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy when it comes to the reckless spending of our life’s precious energies. Most feel that if they are not doing anything negative that they will be okay but it takes so much more than cutting out the negative trappings in order to maximize how much we extract out of our potential.

I know for sure that one of my biggest challenges personally has not been dealing with the negative entities on the outside, but it has been dealing with my overwhelming energy and enthusiasm from within.

You see, I have always invested in my health from single digit ages, my parents made sure to instill that in me. I grew up with a knowledge of what good nutrition was and was an exercise fanatic.

While others were hanging out doing the things that normal teenagers do, I was investing in the physical future that is abundantly paying off now while many of my peers who never thought to invest in that same manner are now feeling the abuse that came from the drugs, alcohol and bad food that I was blessed to avoid.


That being said, because I have an inhuman amount of energy in my personal storehouse, I have a tendencies to spin my wheels a little too hard and cause myself to drain down deeper than most who don’t have my overall capacity of output.

That in itself is just as bad as if I was falling apart at the half century mark like the others who never invested in their health.

I would always seem to be a bit run down or sick when some great opportunity presented itself to speak at a function or to get an interview with a high profile person.

Even though my getting sick with a cold was a combination of my working with the public and being worn down, I’ve learned how to avoid falling into that pitfall by resting more and knowing when to call it quits at the end of a long productive day.

That has been the biggest challenge for me, to NOT become a victim of my own enthusiasm!

If the negative forces in your world cannot get you to fall off of your divine course by utilizing the tactics of trying to play those draining and distracting mental games, they will whisper great things in your ear to keep you running so hard that you will eventually burn out.

Either scenario is no good for you in building your legacy in the long run at all!

You must move forward in a steady fashion toward all things positive and when you sense any feeling of impending malfunction or fatigue you must investigate it immediately before moving forward.

That was a hard lesson for me to learn but I’ve absorbed it just the same and am better off because of it.

Amusement Park

Sometimes in this life we can get like that child who gets to go out on that church trip to the amusement park with our friends. We may have been given a good amount of spending money by our family to spend wisely but when we finally arrive to the park, we spend everything up within the first hour and walk around sad and broke for the next five hours that we are there!

This is the same way that we as human beings “spend” our limited Life Forces over the course of our lives, we run hard in our twenties and maybe part of our thirties and then move about the face of the earth in a busted fashion if in fact we even are alive at that point!

Unfortunately, many of us don’t make it to thirty years of life.

This is truly a sad situation indeed because if we live the way that we were intended to live by following that higher command over following behind our own foolish and carnal lusts, we could have a smooth steady life over the course of a lifetime instead of that quickly forgotten flash of a short life that was truly never enjoyed wholeheartedly by that unfortunate deceased one.

Life Force

Know that your life force can flow over an entire lifetime but there are things that we have to do in order to keep it flowing and to avoid cutting ourselves off from that supply.

Remember, that supply NEVER stops flowing but it is US who cut our own selves off from that supply because of the life damaging practices that we allow ourselves to indulge in.

You must always remember that your mind, body and soul was created in a manner that makes it the most awesome creation over and above anything that man could ever manifest now and forevermore! Your integrated physical, mental and spiritual circuitry is extremely durable but does need those regular pit stops to regenerate along the way on the racetrack of life.

So whether it’s the physical substances that separate us from our highers levels of thought or the diseases of the spirit that cause us to be competitive with one another or envious gossip mongers, no matter what it is, those and many other things that we allow are the things that cause the energy leaks of the soul to keep us from realizing that dream life that our Creator has intended for us all!

Don’t spend your Life Force foolishly and protect and preserve it with every fiber of your being no matter what!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Very Well Rested & Preserved Brother,



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