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Does being pregnant these days make a difference in how a woman is treated?

Does Black Life Really Matter?

I guess it depends on who you ask…….

I bet if you ask a young lady by the name of Michelle Cooks, you might get the feeling that she feels many don’t feel as though Black Lives Matter after she survived an ordeal that was both eye opening and unnecessary.

Well after Michelle Cooks was approached and asked for some identification by a Barstow Police Officer, she found herself being slammed face down on the pavement and being handcuffed for merely refusing to produce what the cop had asked for.

She was well within her right to do so and wasn’t guilty of any crime except that a blonde woman had stated that Ms. Cooks car had collided with hers even though there was absolutely no visible damage.

This was one incident that contained two different responses.

Why the difference? What was it about Ms. Cooks that made the officer treat her as though she were guilty of anything as though she were a criminal?

Why was there such blatant disregard for the fact that she was pregnant and that the rough house tactics used by the officer could have terminated her pregnancy?

Does Black Life Matter even if it is an unborn Black Life?

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