President Obama Addresses Racial Profiling In Amerikkka – You Can’t Build A New House On A Rotten Foundation!

It was quite a milestone indeed to experience President Obama address the country and the world on what it feels like to be Black in America by the often ignored phenomenon called profiling and the racist under the radar things that we as Black people have to endure.

It took the President of the United States to be the one to force many in White America to see this and not be emboldened to say that he is merely whining and complaining on a matter that he should simply “get over!”

President Obama stands in a rare and unique place indeed as a Black President speaking out on something that is often swept under the rug by the mainstream media and is usually reported with a negative slant and twist when acknowledged by the so called mainstream media.

I don’t care WHO you are! When the President speaks you have no choice BUT to listen to the subject matter and even though many will still refuse to acknowledge what he and countless other Black have been saying about our treatment on these shores from the time our people have arrived here.

This has been the experience of the great majority of Blacks who were born and raised in this country and beyond. The frustrating part of it is that most Whites in America have refused to deal with our plight and actually will use a twisted delusional logic to explain it away as though it doesn’t exist.

This can be very frustrating indeed and the reason for many mounting tensions within the Black community as an entire people couldn’t be wrong about experiencing the same damn thing!

Is it a case of two different races of people seeing the same thing in a totally different way or is it that the Caucasian side of the equation are simply lacking the depth of reasoning to see something so obvious and glaring?

Again, I’m not accusing all White people with being inept and insensitive, but it’s a great many that literally refuse to see their ways in how we as Black people are prejudged and profiled by them in every segment of our everyday lives because of their sickness called racism.

I’m convinced that we as a people are equipped with an internal spiritual gear that many others just simply don’t possess. They say in general that color doesn’t matter but on the road and in the fields of life when quickly find out different and many times far too late.

Isn’t it amusing how many Caucasian people ran with the idea – and I haven’t a clue where they got this from – that we are living in a post racial America while at the same time the racist comments and acts of violence soared?

A post racial America?


President Obama was the spoon that stirred up the ever present sediment of vile racist emotion from the very country to whom claimed that we have entered a New day in relations between the races in America.

Guns and weaponry were purchased in record numbers because of the fear that this President was going to take them away and therefore their protection from the symbolic big Black Bogeyman that 17 year old Trayvon Martin was projected to be after his murder.

The often repeated battle cry of paranoia “taking our country back” reeked of an unsubstantiated fear that truly displayed how delusional an entire people could be and let me know off based many were in their perception of the world around them.

Heck! How sane could one be when they absorb the propaganda of Fox News at every turn and allow the corporate mind control specialist mold their feelings about a people to whom they’ve dealt with on a limited basis aside from the buffoonish television shows that some of us happen to headline.

Every Black person does NOT act like Flava Flav! But some of you haven’t figured that out yet!

Yesterday morning I received a phone call from the CBS Network up in Boston and was invited to address the issues on The Dan Rea Talk Show that Black people had after the rendering of the very unpopular not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial.

Once on the air live with my dear friend Dr. Vibert White, the attack from the stand in host began. A question would be asked of us and as soon as we drew the breath to answer the inquiry, we were bludgeoned with comments that were designed to throw us off track mentally and frustrate us to the point where we couldn’t answer and hopefully get frustrated enough to act as the barbaric animals that they like to portray us as.

We prevailed with an intelligent and passionate message over the slights and slurs of the host to display an image that they obviously didn’t want broadcast over their agenda filled radio equipment. we were abruptly cut off and soon after received a text message from the host that “we were great guests” and that “the time ran short”. What it was is that we came with too much fire and truth as they saw their tactics were unable to throw us off from delivering the sound sensible information that these authors of confusion didn’t want to see shared on their tab.


So while the President did a great thing regardless as to who said it was too late or a delusional effort, there are factions here in this country that want to keep the people divided because that is the only way that they can continue to profit. The “us versus them” syndrome and tactic is one of the oldest in the world yet many White Americans can’t get over themselves and what is pumped into their brains from birth in a system that makes them feel as though they are the privileged race over and above the darker people of the planet.

So while many suggest that we work along in this system to make a change, I suggest that we also have factions working OUTSIDE of this extremely flawed and useless system that was built on the premise that Blacks are inferior and that we are less than human regardless as to what lip service is given to the people in 2013.

For Black people to finally enjoy the equality that we not only deserve from birth, but have earned from the sacrifice of losing our religion, culture and god in our unfortunate walk through slavery here, a new house can NOT be built on the old cracked, rotted and crooked foundation. We have got to build the new system from scratch as we will forever feel the sting of racism and the unfair practices of institutionalized racism, redlining, job discrimination, police and employer profiling, unfair court rulings and being stigmatized as being the problem with all things wrong in America.


Look White people, as approximately 13% of the population here in America, Black people were NOT the ones who caused YOU to spend irresponsibly and find yourself without a roof over your head because of foreclosure.

Black people weren’t the ones who decided to ship your “cushy” jobs overseas and we damn sure didn’t bring the drugs over here that YOU are statistically the majority in consuming. While you continue to say that all Black people are on welfare, you refuse to see that it can appear that way merely because of the overwhelming populations who are in the inner cities but fail to see how it’s a proven fact that White women and White farmers receive the lions share of government handouts!

So before you go on perpetuating these false ideas to support your sick delusional mind, realize that this very way of thinking will cause YOUR destruction slowly but surely as this unrighteous mentality can NEVER make it to the new Kingdom of God on Earth as it is in Heaven!

It’s as simple as that!

What President Barack Obama shared with you about our plight even Stevie Wonder can see!

So it’s time to stop waiting and time for the revolution of our minds! No more waiting! It’s time for some ACTION!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

The Assassin Of Racism, Ignorance & Exploitation,

Your Brother,


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John Rambo
John Rambo
July 20, 2013 6:46 PM

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Anita Laurence
Anita Laurence
Reply to  John Rambo
September 3, 2013 7:46 PM

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