President Obama’s Message Of Motivation: Will America Really Ever Grow Up To See It?

No matter how one feels about President Barack Obama, you have to admit the man stirs something down in your soul when he takes the podium to share his deepest thoughts.

Sure, some will say that his great oratory style can be manufactured and created in some mad scientists laboratory and that there isn’t much else behind his words but even if that is all he is and if there was no substance behind him then there is absolutely nothing inside of the person saying that!

No let me clarify one thing, I am from the school of thought that believes politics is a dirty game of empty promises, manipulation and selfish schemes, I believe that the real powers that be who make the decisions are not the visible faces of who we see in office but that is a story for another day.

The purpose for my words today is to tell people that we should take the good that President Barack Obama has to share with the world as a leader and discard of the foolish hair splitting and nit picking that goes on between the political parties that are at war with each other and have been before you and I were even thought of.

President Obama Smiling At 2012 DNC

Now on the actual political real world “in the trenches” side, we must research and thoroughly investigate the track record and policy stances that our potential elected leaders have and not just give our vote blindly because of your dedication to one party. That would be foolish to do so and it would not keep these politicians on their toes because your vote would be an assumed amenity for them and definitely taken for granted.

So even President Obama has to take his turn under the microscope of validation just like everyone but I think we all are missing out on a tremendous push from within if we merely see him as a political figure.

Listening to his speech last night at the 2012 Democratic National Convention, I was totally recharged and ready to attack life righteously in the pursuit of my goals and realized that this in fact was what a leader is supposed to do for those to whom he or she has pledged to serve.

Too many of us feel that our President and elected officials must do everything for us and this is a fallacy!

Too many of us are upset that since President Obama was elected that their world hasn’t “CHANGED” into something different in monumental proportions. What did you expect to happen when some of you are too damn lazy to go out and clean up the junk in your yard or have the same dysfunctional mess going on inside of your life that could have vanished a long time ago if you only had the motivation to get up and make a change.

Then some of us turn around and reject and make fun of the message of change that President Obama shares as a motivational “jump start” that should be received as a jolt to cause us to reflect from within and take action toward a better life yet wallow in the same sorry lifestyle that we had before he was elected into office.

It’s not the job of a great leader to get down and dirty in the trenches in order to do the work of the groundsmen. Although every great leader should be prepared to do so the people should understand that he is better off being preserved and placed on top because of the superior judgment and wisdom that would render them all better off than if he were in the field. But a great leader should NOT be expected to do it all and that would be so foolish to think so indeed.

An effective leader is one who jump-starts and motivates one to take action in their direct circle of influence. We have to understand – like the President has shared several times – that WE are the change that we have been looking for. We as a people have always looked outside of ourselves for the answer and the remedy to our situations have been sitting right here inside of us all along!

…….not with the pastor who drives that luxury vehicle past you after the service while you pray that you have enough money for bus fare to get home after given up your tithes and have no peace of mind in sight. The answer is not paying your money late at night for a damn piece of prayer cloth that has been soaked in vegetable oil and has no effect on the deepest recesses of your mind to cause your personal miracles to happen in a never ending fashion once it is stoked with a word that jump-starts you into action! Your answer is from within!

You see, President Obama would have been lauded as the greatest of all time to “many” if he were a Caucasian man. I witness everyday first hand how people hate him merely because he is Black and will miss out on what he has to offer because of Amerikkka’s epidemic and sickness that they possess called racism.

Let me tell you why he is hated so much in certain racist circles which are there behind the plastic smiles and false expressions of brotherhood that are all too common on the American landscape. President Obama, his children and his BEAUTIFUL WIFE Michele Obama are the epitome of what any sane family would ever aspire to be.

Now I know that no one is perfect but you do not here of anyone coming forward with any scandals or dirt on him and his wife and if you have dedicated your life to spreading lies and misinformation about Black people and how dumb we are and how lazy we are then every time you SEE YOUR BLACK PRESIDENT (I had to say it that way for a reason y’all!) then you see your life’s work smashed down in an instant and have to rethink how you deal with ambitious clean living God fearing progressive Black people all over again.

You see, Michelle “ain’t no” handout craving oversexed mindless hedonistic hoochie-mama and Barack “aint no” irresponsible baby making thug who spent more time in lock-down than he ever did on a job or in school! We as Black people are as vast and as dynamic as they come!

If you are racist then this really had to be a hard time of facing reality as your rhetoric just couldn’t hold up to what is in your face righteously every single day that you turn the television on or read the newspaper.

Life must be miserable for the ignorant close minded racist who has to see Barack as a dedicate father and family man who is committed and faithful to his wife.

Life must be miserable for that bigot who would love Barack if he were caught with making babies with other women while married to Michelle or even getting a blowjob in the Oral Office….OOPS!….I mean Oval Office from a women to whom he wasn’t married to! You as a racist would LOVE to hear that but President Barack Obama’s very presence and clean life is a battering ram that has knocked down your total way of thinking that took a lifetime to cultivate.

Now don’t you want to just DIE right about now?

This is why their is such a blind rage toward our President and a movement to get his out of office by any means necessary! It’s really not about his policies that make many say that he is not the best man for the job, it’s the fact that they cannot accept a Black man in the position of being Commander in Chief and possess a mind that is already locked in to not accepting anything good that he has to offer.

Now disagree with his political stances and policies if you wish, I am not here to try to convince you otherwise because everyone’s needs and viewpoints are completely different and if you have completed any lengthy research on the candidates then you have the right to make whatever choice you feel would be the best for you – I am behind that 100% and will back you up in the right to make your choice whether it is different from mine or not.

But look past the political issues for a moment if you will and delve a bit deeper into what can affect ALL of us on a positive level if we only will absorb the truths of what he is sharing with us in the area of motivation.

We ALL want a better life for ourselves! We ALL want to provide better schools and homes for our children so that they can incubate into the great people to whom God deemed them to be through the mighty seeds of greatness that are already there in dormant fashion! We ALL want a health care system that will be there for you in your time of need and we all want a safe community from which we can spend our lives helping, loving and building with each other toward that attainable goal of having heaven on earth!

I don’t know of ANYONE, Republican or Democrat, Independent or Libertarian etc. who WOULDN’T want that…….because at the end of the day we were ALL created by one God and we ALL are Brothers and Sisters who are affected by whatever factors affect our neighbors. If a person passes gas one the other side of the waiting room of the doctors office you can’t say “well he farted over there and that doesn’t affect me” because it’s just a matter of time before that colonic stench invades your nostrils and gives you yet another reason to even BE at the doctor! LOL! So do not take the mentality that every man is an island.

We need to allow the vision of Barack Obama permeate our subconscious minds and begin to work together toward a better future regardless to party affiliation, race, religious views, lifestyle preference, sex and culture.

We need to see the bigger picture beyond our small minded worlds and observe the righteous ripple that we are sending out to the world not only on a physical/political level but on a cosmic spiritual level because there is so much going on in the world at this very crucial time in the year 2012.

Obama Clinton DNC 2012

Whether you vote to reelect President Barack Obama or not, whether you even vote at all, please take from him what he so graciously offers and that is the motivation to make a change in your life even if it is to get up finally after all these years and clean the junk out of your yard or finally deal with that deeply rooted family dysfunction that everyone who is related to you has been in denial about for decades.

If only that has transpired from your contact with the vision of President Barack Obama then I feel that he would think that his job is well done if your motivation was received without the blinders that many of his political opponents are attempting to pull over your vision for the sake of the own selfish monetary and political gains over you.

We Shall Overcome

It was just the other day when we as Black people were allowed to vote and now we have come to a time when the very people that weren’t allowed to vote have someone in office that they will vote in as President once again. Isn’t that amazing? But sure, this is not a Black thing at all but the accomplishment is something that you can’t overlook against the dark and tragic backdrop of what is documented so well of our collective past in the American history books.

Yes, as a people and a country, we have OVERCOME a whole heck of a lot!

Now only if we could overcome ourselves and get past the absorbed lies that have been regurgitated on us over the years about who we truly are and take action in a way that would make our God proud that we have finally gotten it together in the manner that we always had the potential to execute!

Heaven on earth?

You damn right!

…….true motivation is not a birthright to ANY political party.


So let us try to see the God reflecting from the motivational vision of President Barack Obama and let’s ALL come out winners!

President Obama DNC 2012

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