When I think about the condition that Black people are in worldwide, it breaks my heart to see how far we’ve fallen.

What’s sad is that many of us who are not necessarily impoverished but still trapped in the system of White Supremacy don’t even realize how mentally damaged we’ve become as our efforts to help only bring more confusion into the fray.

A question was given to me by a friend of mine who now lives in France. She wanted to know why is it with all of these intelligent Black people across the globe on social media who speak so eloquently about Black Empowerment, why is it that they cannot get together in an effective fashion to make something work.

Not one of us can do it alone and teamwork is very much necessary but too many of us want to be the boss lording over everyone holding the clipboard while not even having the abilities to get anything done on their own.

Their very lives reflect this fact.

Their track record proves it.

Isn’t that something?

While we all should have something that we bring to the table it appears that those who have no distinguishable talents, abilities or willingness to sacrifice are the one’s who make the most noise!

Why is that?

I told my friend that more and more with each passing year I’m gaining more satisfaction by working solo on my individual projects at my own pace that will enlighten my people in very effective ways without the stress of a cackling ego or one who might not like the fact that I am forever out of the rat race that they reluctantly must submit to.

I’ve worked hard all my life to arrive to this point and swore that I would never have to deal with a “boss” after I recently fired my last job never to return ever again.

…….and I have the blue collar scars to prove it.

If we are truly interested in elevating our people we should first look within to see if our intentions are pure and are able to stand the test of time.

In this lonely dark and narrow roadway called Black Activism we must understand that most have no idea what this commitment entails and will quickly find out what they are made of when they see what a thankless job it can be.

Endless hours. No pay. Constant put down and sabotage. Seven day per week schedules. Eighteen hour shifts with no break. Having to endure the attacks from those who are suppose to be on your team.

The list goes on…….

The worst is when you see grown adults go through the temper tantrums acting like the ultimate brat simply because “they didn’t do it my way so I’m not going to play anymore!”

I could sit here and write about this syndrome until the cows come home!

One day at the height of my feel perplexed about these situations my spirit heard a gentle voice say to me “why are you running behind people who only have intentions of self promotion off the backs of the collective efforts?”

“You never claimed a title or a position in all of the years that you have put in the work yet you’ve been accomplishing so much in such a humble manner all on you’re own.”

After hearing these words come through my spirit it dawned on me that true activism is not executed by simply holding a clipboard to posture over someone else to feel as though you’re important.

True activism is not the holding of endless argumentative meetings that amount to nothing where the REAL communications are really the secret phone calls that manipulative entities utilize to pit one member against the other while maintaining a paper thin public innocence.

Power plays and personality conflicts are never good and I’ve learned that when has a sincere heart to serve the liberation of their people the absolute best way is to do it on your own away from the drama.

Malcolm X found this out before his assassination and Marcus Mosiah Garvey realized this a little too late when he realized what was around him working against his favor.

So who am I to think that the rules don’t apply to me as a neophyte compared to these great ancestors of ours? You had fraudulent entities that infiltrated the vast movements all throughout our history and I’m 100% sure they’re hard at work now!

Knowing this, I’ve decided to help anyone in any group or organization as an independent contractor where ever I’m needed but my own personal mission will forever run solo in order to maintain the integrity of it because unlike an organization, I don’t have to be bothered by the fools who are in it for all the wrong reasons who have no track record of accomplishing anything…….an unnecessary ROADBLOCK!

The beauty of moving as an independent solo activist is that you cannot be infiltrated and you could never be demoted. And while notoriety and acclaim should not be the chief motivating factors for laying your life down for the uplifting of your race, in moving solo NO ONE can hijack your efforts to claim that it is their own! was started in April of the year 2010 as a continuation and simple name change of the work done by yours truly on the ScurvOriginalz website where I shared my pro Black political illustrations and eventual written blog articles of which all are available on the current LanceScurv website. I’ve verifiably posted my work there everyday for just under two decades for absolutely no pay whatsoever as a labor of love.

I’ve seen the hustlers, attention seekers and shysters come and go and I’m quite sure that the cycle will continue on to no end. But for me I don’t think anyone would say that it is mandatory that I consider serving in a manner that isn’t comfortable to me as I wouldn’t expect anyone to work in the hostile working environment of false Black activism.

There are some that are doing some great work and there are others who amount to nothing more than a traveling circus sideshow. If you are truly connected to your inner spirit you will know immediately who is in your midst.

…….when you see that particular spirit you must RUN in the opposite direction because they are only there to kill and destroy the effectiveness of your efforts. To be honest with you, I’ve been running hard ever since I’ve started to this day and it is a tactic that has kept me protected as well as effective and I wouldn’t ever have it any other way! This is why I get the work done that my Creator put me here to do so very effectively and consistently without the toxic snakes riding my backside every chance they get!

Thank you for absorbing my rant and I do hope that you’ve gotten something positive from it as I’ve learned that those that look like you are not necessarily the one’s who will ride with you to the very end.

Maybe this is why I’m still here swinging my righteous fists just as hard as I’ve ever done.

Peace, Love & Righteous Revolution Always,
Your Elusive Brother,

[email protected]

About The Author

Media Personality | Culture Critic | Podcast Host | Blogger & Cartoonist who focuses on the issues of raw Human Nature the Mainstream Media is deathly afraid to touch!  THE LANCESCURV SHOW PODCAST focuses is on current events, trending happenings, news and thought provoking topics of interest in an uncompromising uncensored manner.

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