Procrastination and Complacency – Bad Traits To Have But A Good Thing When You Know How To Use Them!

When I get the money one day, I finally take the time to fix up that leaking roof, but I have to use that bigger garbage can to catch the water from the leak when it rains until that time.


I can’t believe my boss promoted that new woman over me! I don’t care how many classes she took for the position, she has only been here for eight months and I’ve been here for fourteen years!

When we hit the lottery, we are finally going to open up that soul food restaurant and make a whole lot of money! Mark my words, we have to hit sooner or later and when we do it’s a wrap! We’ve been playing that same number combination for years and it has to hit soon! Any day now! Did the welfare check or the food stamps come in the mail today? Damn! Where is the mailman? We’ve got things to go and buy before the mall closes!

Why go to the gym now? The holidays are coming up and it makes no sense trying to get in shape when you know that you will be eating all of that bad food. Let’s start on January 1st.

Procrastination Is The Cousin Of Complacency. Can’t you tell?

Statements like this we have all been guilty to some degree of making but hopefully we have not gotten into the mentality of making this a common practice.

Those in the world who we deem successful are highly unusual people in the fact that they for the most part never make statements like this because the are proactive achievers who seem to have a knack for utilizing every second of their day effectively.


It’s that quality that makes the difference between those found themselves mere spectators to the success of others who make their dreams come true. They remain in the same rut year after year and are always equipped with the built in excuses as to why they never achieved the grand dreams that they so publicly announced.


There are no shortcuts or secrets to success as the only requirement is a goal and a determined spirit to reach that goal through relentless hard work and a detailed road map or a plan on how you are going to get there. One should be able to tell you HOW they will arrive to their dreams and even an approximation of WHEN they will get there.

Procrastination and complacency can have no residence in the mindset of one who is truly an achiever. Bar none.

Some of us will never figure out that we just can’t continue to put things off and expect to gain that elusive level of excellence that we claim we desire in our hearts and dreams. There must be an aggressive action toward these dreams executed. But sadly most of the time it is just talk because we find the time and sense of urgency to do the meaningless things that we think are important to us immediately.

The things that we usually run down to do the most are the trivial things that are time and energy wasters that take is further from our goals after we spend our precious energy on their indulgence.

You don’t have the time and procrastinate to even pray to your God but you sure have time to call that nosy church sister to find out if it’s true that the Pastor got that young girl pregnant who used to work part time in the church day care.

You have been to complacent to go to your elderly aunt’s home to help clean out her garage but you damn sure found yourself over to you sexy new female neighbor’s house to help put up her ceiling fan for her. It’s a good deed on the surface but it doesn’t seem like a sincere gesture from you because after the months of flirting that have taken place between the both of you, it appears that there is something else on the agenda obviously and the ceiling fan is a mere prop in this transparent game of seduction.

Time is of the essence when you are trying to reach your goals and only you have the power to finally make up your mind if you are dedicated enough and serious enough cut the necessary dead weight in your life in order to take things to the next level. Like that airplane that has limited fuel to reach it’s destination, it must throw out every bit of unnecessary cargo in order to maximize its ability to fly further to reach safe ground.

Are you prepared to dump the cargo of dead draining negative acquaintances that falsely double as friendships?

Are you prepared to face up to your failure to take responsibility for your lack of effective action when those opportunities were piddled away because of your chronic complacency?

Are you prepared to viciously defend the limited constructive time that you have set aside for the realization of your goals? Understand that the very moment you proclaim your dedication to reaching your dreams, all of a sudden you will find your “friends” coming around to help you do everything else than realizing your mark.

If you are trying to lose weight, here they come attempting to treat you out to a restaurant that is known for serving rich calorie laden food. Trying to be faithful to your new mate? Well look for your fake dead weight no relationship having buddies come around to take you out to the wildest night spots where everyone seems to be in heat in an attempt to get you to stray.

Procrastination and complacency are wonderful traits when you learn to drag your feet on the things that you don’t need in your life but bad when it’s time to get busy with goal attainment.

Save your enthusiasm for something that will benefit you in the long run and learn to spend that spirit of complacency and procrastination on the things that mean you no good.

And who said that those were two “no good” traits to have?

It all depends on how you use them!

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