Profit-ess Juanita Bynum & Her Shrewd Jezebel Cash Driven Media Manipulation Money Extraction Tactics!

When Televangelist and Gospel recording artist Juanita Bynum recently made the confession on the Frank and Wanda Morning Show on Atlanta’s V-103 that she had sexual affairs with women, the first thought that honestly hit my mind was that this was a shrewd attention ploy and well timed announcement in order to actually push her to the forefront of the news above and beyond the other so called religious figures in the African-American community so in return her money making machine can increase to new heights.

Yes I said it.

Let me tell you something, I’ve always had this funny feeling about Juanita Bynum for a long long time under that umbrella of sexuality but it wasn’t anything that I could point my figure on specifically and to tell the truth wasn’t something that I ever thought about for any extended period of time.

…….and to clarify what I mean, no, I wasn’t thinking that she was with a woman or if she was with anyone for that manner, what I felt was the energy of a Jezebel who would do anything to gain attention and HAD to have the last word.

Juanita Bynum

But what better way to hit the headlines than to admit that she had sexual affairs with women?

First of all, let’s be honest, it’s the safest sexual transgressions that a woman of such a high public profile could admit to and be forgiven quickly. Forgiven? Heck! Half of the men out here are not even mad at her because they want to fuel their masturbatory visuals and dreams by actually finding out MORE!

What do I mean by this? Well let me give you ladies a peek into the thoughts of a carnal minded man…….although I am NOT a person who knows the statistics and cannot give you a fair figure, MOST men of the world will NOT refuse the opportunity to bed down two (In a threesome) or more women at the same time as this is a highly desirable fantasy that most may crave but kind of figure that they will never get. So to think of being with a woman that can give them that opportunity whether they actually are in the running to manifest this fetish or not drives most of them secretly nuts with that possibility as they just might get lucky.

Is this process really strange? Not really. Most women here have that particular star that for whatever reason they have, have wanted them deep down but pretty much knew that it might not ever happen. I call it the LL Cool J effect. LOL! Most women who Love LL Cool J would NOT refuse the opportunity for him to lip his lips in their presence and allow him to “go down” and do what most ladies enjoy (Once they had it done right!) in a very intense manner. Trust me, it sells tickets at the gate and I am quite sure Mrs. Cool J is laughing all the way to the bank when his appearances sell the joint out of women of all ages who are not merely there to hear him rap how bad he is or swinging an episode in the back of his Jeep.

LL Cool J

The same process will now kick in with the Juanita Bynum money making machine, I bet you she will gain a huge male following over and above anything that she had and a whole lot of other women who are former or active people who participate in the act of female to female cunnilingus no matter WHERE they fall on the scale of worldly labels. The bottom line is that most will be intrigued and if one is truly into her “manufactured testimony” then they really wouldn’t care, they will merely say “goody for you Juanita” and keep it moving.

But Juanita Bynum is so much more shrewd, manipulative and cunning than that, why is she admitting this now and not when her divorce was going on? Is this one of the reasons WHY she had the issues that lead to her parking lot altercation with her former husband? And no, I am in no way inferring that he is justified in putting his hands on her in the manner that he did because NO MAN has that right at all and it was wrong but I am merely trying to make sense of this newly revealed information with a modified insight.


Juanita Bynum is a businesswoman first, and she knows that her new revelation will permeate even MORE in the subconscious minds of the masses and she can parade it around as something that is part of her testimony while reaping the benefits by now being the poster girl for women who are into other women that before did not have a public face in the church to identify with. Juanita now is the go to person for this whether a person who attends her sermons reaches out to her or not! I tell you one thing, there just HAD to be a reason why she broke this news in Atlanta of ALL places! Hmmmmmmmm! And most of you know exactly what I am talking about!

Before I close I want to also say that when one wants to stir controversy and bring attention to themselves they will state their indulges in a very vague manner, notice how Juanita never really got specific as to the circumstances, she merely tossed it out there and now the news, the internet and bloggers like me are talking about it! Great job Juanita! It worked!

I can see it now.

Nicki Minaj at a Juanita Bynum Women’s Revival years from now after the music and entertainment industry has chewed her up, used her up and spit her out giving her heart to the Lord. Heck, it’s either that or grazing on the not so green pastures of fading has-beens who keep the pocket change coming in by “performing” for the aging fan base who visit the Las Vegas strip to see that star who they never could afford to see when they were in their youthful heydays. Yes, the churchified money train circuit is a whole lot better for those who have faded and are resentful that a younger, naive and willing to please entity has taking their place in the adoring eyes of a fickle world and Juanita Bynum will ride off into the sunset with a pocket full of cash all the way to the bank because I think this current stunt will be her most lucrative to date!


So until then gentleman, think your thoughts of Juanita Bynum (As her lipstick gets redder and her dresses get tighter to cash in on her hot confession!) with you and another woman ALL you want as you stroke yourself into bliss, just make sure that you drop that seed offering of cash in her plate the same way your seed offering of lust will be dropped at the thought of double trouble with that sexy preacher woman MILF – JUANITA BI -NUM!

I really want t hear what you have to say on THIS one people!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your outspoken Brother,


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