Progress Report 2012: The Severe Buffoonery Of Black People Continues!

This is 2012 people!

The attitudes need to stop!

We have become our own worse enemy yet we blame everyone else for our sorry state of affairs.

I myself am sick of hearing the excuses. Yes, there ARE some of us who can claim the victim card but too MANY of us seek to utilize this lame way out because we are too damn lazy to bite down, take the adverse conditions on the chin like an adult, grab the bull by the horns and push forward like so many others who have come here to this country as foreigners with absolutely nothing yet still made a prosperous life for themselves.

We rent apartments and rooms in the very neighborhoods in which we grew up in. Immigrants have arrived to these shores and took the menial low paying jobs that WE were too proud to take. These newcomers were willing to sacrifice and eat out of one big pot with their family, sleeping packed up in rooms not concerned about any privacy because they had a goal in mind and a feeling of hope. They put their little money together and while it may not have seemed like much, it began to accumulate.

Week after week – Month after month – Year after year their people with strange accents and customs from distant lands began to focus their finances together as a team to purchase that first home which would act as a base for all of their other subsequent family members to come here to this place called America and while the home base was being set up they had their eyes on creating their own monetary system of commerce that would free them from the shackles of ever having to work for another man in another oppressive system again.

What happened to the Black people who were here long before these motivated human beings arrived here to the States?

That’s a great question – WHAT HAPPENED?

I will tell you what happened, our attitude issues always trip us up and somehow always seems to bite us in the ass!

Yes, the effects of slavery and that terrible time in Amerikkkan history will still take some time to wear off of our collective psyche’s as a people. It was a terrible indoctrination that was in place for several hundred years as well as many generations and STILL exists as a way of thinking even though many of us will appear to have made it in this world as far as success is concerned.

Some of us my have the appearance of “making it” but the fact of the matter remains is that we have the same old defeated way of thinking and this explains why our success in general never really goes too far beyond the superficial side show that we always seem to put on when we get a few dollars in our pockets.

Nine times out of ten, we end up right back in that sad place of lack and not having where we started out from in the beginning.

What the heck is our problem?

Of course this does not apply to everyone but like I said before there are too many of us who work overtime to hinder our own progress while readily applauding everyone else as they make manifest their positive dreams!

Hood Chicks

It’s like we don’t believe that we are good enough to ever attain any measure of success or progressive living.

We seem to accept the wayward below par conditions to easily that we raise our youth in that in turn indoctrinates THEM into a further cycle of defeat and timed released despair. Many times we are more concerned with WHAT our kids are wearing as opposed to WHAT our kids are learning!


…….and when a person like myself is bold enough to tell it like it is you what to catch an attitude and yell out to the world that I am hating on you!

Hating on you?

Let me ask you something, how could I do a better job of hating on you than you are doing to yourself?

Think not?

Let me prove it to you. If you loved yourself, you wouldn’t try so hard to change the way that God made you! You claim to love God so much but you work overtime to change His handiwork! That doesn’t look like love to me!

You peer into your mirror and feel as though your reflection is so completely inferior, so you bring all of your hard earned money to the Asian Beauty Supply Store to buy up all of these bleaching creams, hair extensions, fingernails, eyelashes, hair dye, makeup, lip gloss and hair relaxers. And you mean to tell me that you do all of this because you LOVE YOURSELF?

Smoking Blunts

What other race of women work so hard to look like somebody else like the brainwashed Black woman who hasn’t come into the true knowledge of who and what she is?

Then to top it off there is the attitude!

Now please ladies do not think that I am bashing my Sisters because I do love you all but I have to be honest about the mental condition of SOME of you out here.

But the attitudes have to stop! I makes us look bad to the masses of people on the global diaspora and it damn sure doesn’t get you anywhere except stereotyped and rubber-stamped as a hot headed woman who is a virtual problem child that makes everyone who knows her way RUN the other way to avoid the drama!

…….is this the way anyone would like to be embraced?

I think not!

Again, those prior comments were NOT about ALL Black woman but the few who carry on in this manner!

Now let me touch on the gentlemen if I may.

What’s up with all of our young men who feel as though they are entitled to having a woman take care of them?

Why do our young men (And too many OLD ASS FOOLS!) try so hard to be thugs? How can you be “gangsta” when you don’t even have your own legitimate stash of potential bail money to get yourself out of jail when you get busted for the petty little foolish crimes that you do?

You want to walk around so hard and tough yet you have to call up your poor girlfriend who is damn near sick of you to go to the bail-bondsman with the money that she broke her back to earn at WalMart to get your sorry ass out?

Not only that, but you know every mind numbing lyric to these “mind dumbing” songs yet you couldn’t even tell anyone what your social security number is!

Women to you have merely become the playthings in your quest to amass as many episodes of hedonistic carnal notches on your belt before your eventual demise to A.I.D.S, incarceration or an early death shot down in the ‘hood over some trivial beef.

You are only motivated by the things of this world that mean nothing and it appears by your lack of any meaningful accomplishment of note that your legacy of buffoonery is secure and the only use that you have is to be the world’s court jester.

And yes, THAT is what you have become, every time I stop at a red light in any city of this decaying nation I am forced to see a clown swishing his dreadlocks from side to side, waving his hands in the manner of a ghetto conductor guiding the beats of some imaginary lowlife orchestra with his bulbous ass cheeks hanging over his sagging jeans in a most deliberate manner that reeks of the spirit of rebellion to the 19th power!

And what is up with your need Black man to show your ass? Why is it that I never see this type of primitive display from a young man who comes from a household where there is a STRONG MALE PRESENCE who guides and runs a household according to divine law?

If you could follow the effeminized young men home you will NOT find a true man there of divine standing who runs a righteous ship, and if there is a man there at ALL then he is a non entity who has shunned his divinely appointed position and merely wants to get by without making any effort to instill any morals, standing or common sense into the young men under his parental watch. He probably couldn’t do this anyway because he probably doesn’t have any wisdom to share at all because he TOO just might be an old fool who was raised with a non entity of a Father figure and just merely got old.

…….remember, getting older and having a few gray whiskers does NOT mean that you possess any wisdom, it just means that you’ve been here longer than most. So stop automatically giving and old fool a respect that he doesn’t deserve before you look into the legacy that he has created. Chances are if he lords over a household of “weed saturated under arm smelling funky foul mouthed doing nothing for themselves except being a liability to the system punks who can’t speak the English language right” then he has not been about anything himself and doesn’t deserve praise for abandoning HIS job!

So I ask, with all of the work that we as a people have to do for ourselves then WHY OH WHY do we have the stink ass attitudes that we have?

It’s a lucky thing that anyone would even want to tolerate our presence after having such a track record of failure overall.

…….and again this is not ALL Black people, but the TOO MANY who take a sweet delight in acting is such a sub human manner.

It’s unacceptable and I will NOT be afraid to speak about it at all to anyone, because this is NOT why God made us and He MUST be disappointed and downright embarrassed when He sees how we have continued to degrade ourselves when He made us in such a magnificent and wonderful manner to reflect the glory that HE possesses!

It makes me think, do WE reflect God’s glory in ALL that we do?

With all of the churches in the Black neighborhoods here in America, it’s quite evident that they are not even doing their job because if they were those very same neighborhoods would be thriving a lot better than they are. But the preacher knows how screwed up Black people are and are profiting from their foolishness and insecurities big time and will do absolutely NOTHING to wake up the flock!

You have so many beautiful women showing up to service on a Sunday morning to worship wearing their impressive and flamboyant church hats but there is very little UNDER that hat more than some recently purchased horse hair and not much sense in the head that it covers.

Again, not ALL of us, but SOME of us!

Then you have the church Elders who step into the sanctuary as though they are V.I.P’s after parking their luxury vehicles to take their place on the pulpit while their private resident church whores sit in their place proudly knowing that THEY are the ones who really run the church with their Jezebel spirit!

What about the wife? Wife? HA! She is only a covering for that man when he shows his public persona but everyone in THAT church house KNOWS the real deal!

So as screwed up as we are, why is it that we get mad when the people of other cultures and races do NOT want to be bothered with us at all?

It seems that some of our young girls really feel that getting pregnant and having a handful of children before even THINKING about getting a high school diploma is the way to go and an honorable “profession.” Heck! It’s hard enough to make it in this country independently when you have a COLLEGE DEGREE and NO CHILDREN much less a roomful of screaming hungry babies that are tapping you on the leg saying “MOMMY I’M HUNGRY!”

What kind of life is that?

Then you want to get mad at everyone BUT yourself when you realize that YOU messed up your life BIG TIME and that the ghetto ‘hood party is over and never really existed in reality after all! It was just your dumb-ass twisted perceptions that were manipulated by those videos that you watched on BET! (Black Enslavement Television!)

Black people you must repent of your sins and wash away the old man (And woman!) to become new again for the job that our God has placed on us to reflect His greatness to rise up over and above the adversities that have been placed in our path to show that there IS a God and the last shall be first and the first shall be last!

But until we detoxify ourselves away from the teachings of self hate that perpetuates the desires of the oppressor and enemy, we will ALWAYS be in this sorry degraded state of a doomed pit to which there seems to be no bottom!

Everyone will use us as THEIR tool to live the good life while we will be left to complain about how the White man is doing us bad when there are things that YOU are responsible for to do that will empower YOU to take control of YOUR future and manifest all of the greatness that good has placed within you as a dormant seed awaiting the watering of enthusiasm to wake it up to bloom into the beautiful life that could be yours if we would all JUST WAKE UP!

The choice is yours – an abundant life through obedience to divine law or existing as the walking dead because of your rebellious nature against all that is good in God’s eyes.

I know what I choose and won’t feel sorry at all when the divine wrath comes down on you as you scream out for sympathy.

…….time is running out.

Pull up your damn pants men and close your legs ladies, that is surely NOT the way!

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Jacquee Ladiifoxiija
Jacquee Ladiifoxiija
June 13, 2012 4:36 PM

so true

Jacquee Ladiifoxiija
Jacquee Ladiifoxiija
Reply to  Jacquee Ladiifoxiija
June 13, 2012 4:53 PM

so so so true

May 20, 2012 5:04 PM

Lance Scurvin is the TRUTH! Some parts were so true I let out a laugh! But I do understand that at the foundation of it, it's not funny at all…….

May 17, 2012 4:29 PM

Thank you Lance, very wonderfully said. My husband and myself feel the very same way, and we are praying for our community. As a Black culture we have so much to give and so much gift the Lord has placed inside of us, it is just sad that so many of us don't see it in ourselves. Turn from sin and let the Lord do wonders in your life my people. Much love and respect Lance don't stop we are listening and learning my Brother!

May 15, 2012 6:06 PM

I can understand your frustration Lance. Because the consequences of this low-lifestyle eventual eventually rubs off on those living decently.These are symptoms of self-hatred.Its even more annoying to the Nigerian youth emulating the "ghetto" culture. As much as I detest those who live like this, I can't stand those who deliberately profit from these weak-minded individuals. Its terrible to see some so called preachers putting the dead to sleep when they should be raising the dead. I guess the best we can do is individually commit to waking up our generation..

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