Simply put, Sister Muheirwe is the real thing. The truth that she shares resonates without ever having to raise her voice, scream or to use emotionalism to make you “think” that what she is sharing is the truth. Her word is nutrition to the soul and her soothing voice causes her shared truth to permeate deeply in the same manner that a baby dozes off relaxation as the mother cradles her child rocking her baby to sleep.
You can feel what she is saying down to you core and know that she is a special Woman who is truly connected to our Ancestors and must heed the words that she shares. I must thank her publicly for sharing all that has been revealed to her and I look forward to hearing so much more of what our Ancestors have for us as they utilize her gift of seeing for all things good for us as a people.

Please share your reactions and perspectives on this prophecy and let us continue to open out eyes to what we need to see in order to overcome the upcoming storms in this world.

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