Prophet IamE’sha: “The Anti-Christ Rules The Church Today” – The LanceScurv Show

Tonight we welcome a woman of God who is nothing less than a Certified Prophet!

Unlike others who merely move about with only the title in front of their name with no substance whatsoever, Prophet IamE’sha Carroll possesses the true substance of The Holy Spirit and commitment to walk that narrow walk and is not afraid or timid to keep things real and raw on a righteous level to tell the world exactly how things stand.

This fact alone causes many to applaud her and some to despise the very ground she walks on.

Unscathed by this realization, IamE’sha continues to follow through with her life committed to Christ undaunted because she knows in her heart of hearts that her God is the true God of this universe and will be the victor in the end when it comes to the spiritual wickedness that has infested the planet to doom so many countless people to the hottest pits of hell itself.

You may have heard our past discussions titled “Prophet IamE’sha Carroll Speaks On Angels and Demons”, “The Raw Truth About Homosexuality” and The Uncut Testimony Of IamE’sha Carroll”.

If you haven’t heard those then make sure to go to the LanceScurv YouTube channel and search for those very titles. You will be so glad that you did!


We look forward to your participation as we will go deep into the words that are inspired by God to come through the righteous vessel that Ms. Carroll submits to being!

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God bless you all and I hope that you gain tremendous insight from this broadcast!

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