Prostitution: Confessions Of A Survivor! – The LanceScurv Show

Here on The LanceScurv Show there is NO TOPIC that we are afraid to touch!

As a matter of fact, the more taboo a subject may be is the more we want to dissect it and expose it for the world to digest!

Healthy dialogue is the best way to kill all dysfunctions that reside in our lives quietly under the thin veil of normalcy.

That being said, I welcomed our very experienced and passionate guest Jazzy to share the very intense story of her life as she has traveled down the road of prostitution, drugs, death, nervous breakdowns and just about all of the stressful predicaments that life can bring yet she has survived it all and speaks boldly on every situation in order to help others avoid the traps that she may have fallen into.

While our shows and topics are always sprinkled with adult content, this one is especially hardcore so make sure that everyone within earshot of episode are of legal age and not faint of heart!

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Culture Critic, Podcast Host, Blogger, Cartoonist & Social Media Activist who focuses on the issues that the Mainstream Media is deathly afraid to touch! Call/Text Direct: 407.590.0755

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  1. Hard_Cold_Truth

    yooo, you gotta correct your speakers , how can she come here disrespecting
    black men over degenarates


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