Prostitution is called the world’s oldest profession and I won’t challenge anyone on that statement. That being said, there are so many theories as to why someone would get into selling their body for the pleasure and sexual release of another and even more falsehoods based off of ignorance because they’ve never found themselves in the shoes of one who does it.

There are an unlimited amount of reasons why one would enter into this profession and I believe that for many it is reactionary because of something else that has transpired in their lives. But there are those who know themselves good enough to know why they’re taking the plunge and can tell you why they find themselves there and also orchestrated their exit out of the game and have lived to talk about it.

Sister Truth has volunteered to share her compelling views on prostitution based on the real experiences that she’s had dealing with the full range of situations that one can have on the streets of Las Vegas working as a Lady Of The Evening!
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