Protecting our children at all costs is of the utmost importance yet so many parents and caregivers do not seem to understand how dangerous it is to neglect such an important duty. Whether others know it or not, Black Children across the globe and especially in the United States of America are at a great danger to be kidnapped. We have human trafficking, organ harvesting and child prostitution as the lucrative underworld markets that these predators profit from at the expense of our innocent children.

Parents who are neglectful in public when it comes to looking over the safety and security of their children must step up to the plate to protect their children. These predators are lurking and waiting for the opportunity to take our children at a moments notice in broad daylight. Since too many of the public are focused on the “smartphones” to notice anything unusual, the overall climate of our society puts the kidnappers at an advantage and this is something that just shouldn’t be!

Please leave your views on this topic in the comment section below and do share your own personal experiences and solutions so that we all can tighten up our collective security in order to protect our children by any means necessary!

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  • charles says:

    I can’t get my family and friends to embrace this logic for shit.

    • LanceScurv says:

      It’s so unfortunate that they fail to see the obvious truth that you are attempting to awaken them to embrace. Some will over time and most won’t, but what aches your heart is that you know that it’s going to hurt watching them feel the consequences of their ignorance.

      While you backing off from trying to convince them of anything might not sit well with you, simply live your truth and over time as life gets up in their backside I know that they will be running you down because they will not forget the seeds of preparedness that you so generously took the time to plant in to their subconscious mind.

      Right now I’m at a point in my life where I am not trying to convince anyone of anything but will be there for them if they are ready to hear my common sense and logical perspectives. That is all that we can do right now because this wicked system has them intoxicated on all of the things that will kill them slowly and softly while feeling like the best thing in the world! Reach out to me anytime because this will not go away anytime soon.

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