Protect Your Happiness At ALL Times!



A word that means so many different things to so many different people. If you asked 100 people what the word happiness meant to them, you would at least get most likely about 150 different responses.


Those who respond would be quick to tell you what would make them happy, but usually their response would either cater to one or more of their five senses or maybe to some of their basic ego needs.


I’m saying this because I believe most people really don’t know what it takes to make them happy, most attempt to emulate what they observe in the situations around them. This is just my viewpoint and I don’t think this goes for everyone, but actually most.


When I am in a crowd of people, I can see the void of true happiness in their eyes. Admittedly,  I can see the people who do have sense of fulfillment also, its a whole different vibe that you receive from them when they are in your presence.


Its in the eyes, the eyes do not ever lie. Someone can possess the brightest plastic Colgate smile and fool the masses of people around them but if they are unhappy an experienced shrewd observer will be able to tell the difference a mile away.


Now let’s flip that scenario around for a moment let me say that when YOU are truly happy, and I mean genuinely overflowing with joy, it is evident to everyone around you even more than you can imagine because your mere presence can light up a room even if you are very conservative in your demeanor.


Happiness is highly contagious especially for the individuals who are receptive to the joy of another human being and are sincerely  happy for them. In this manner it can light up the gloomiest of situations and the most depressed of hearts. It doesn’t cost a dime but its value is priceless when you see the effect on ones life.


I have also found that the happiest people are those individuals who have found their personal purpose in this life and are relentlessly pursuing the fulfillment of their purpose. They are always overjoyed to share their journey’s development as an inspiration to others to motivate them to also find their mission through their personal example and road map.


Now I speak on this phenomenon in my own life as I have discovered  my own purpose and reason for being created and I have to admit that it has made every single day of my life pure ecstasy! I’ve come full circle in my inner search and after years of seeking that always elusive answer externally, quite to my surprise it was always there planted deep within my soul INTERNALLY by the Creator Himself!


What a relief!


No masks to wear, I just have to be myself! No faux status to try and pretend that I’ve reached, me just being me is good enough. No trying to keep up with the latest fads, styles and passing fancies, the name brand and legacy that I am building now through my life’s work over time will live on beyond me as long as I remain in total submission to the will of God!


How empowering!


And THOSE words that I just spoke so should you in YOUR own unique way! God made every single one of us to be unique, to shine a special light to the world and to be HAPPY all along while doin’ the damn thing too!


Always remember and NEVER forget, if you were made by GOD you were made by the BEST! God will NEVER fail you! It is only we who fail to stay connected to the Victorious One!


Aint NOBODY whippin God and if you remain on His side aint nobody whippin’ you either! Now you might get knocked down a WHOLE lot in this life but that should NOT kill your spirit. That should make you take joy watching the haters who put you there temporarily look on in utter shock at Gods power flowing through you!  (Please pardon the ebonics! I get a little excited sometimes! Lol!)


Now that brings me to speak on just that, staying connected so that we can continue to develop our divine talents. We are not going to stay connected to the spirit and maintain that divine happiness if we allow the spirit killers in our personal space. It is their JOB to disconnect you from your joy. Now you will always have to exist in a close proximity to these entities, but understand that you can be in the world but not part of it. Always remain elusive and never tell these devils your next move!

Always remember that you fought HARD to gain the peace of mind that you have now IF you have reached there at this present time. If you happen NOT to be there all of the way, at least you have experienced enough of it at SOME point in your life to know what it is that you want. But if you are already there, I am quite sure that you are NOT going to let ANYONE just come along and take it away from you just like that!

So Protect Your Happiness At All Times!


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