By Lucius Gantt

In post-apartheid South Africa, white Afrikaners, or Dutchmen that settled in South Africa, came to the conclusion that Black South Africa was influenced by the Bushmen, the Hottentots, the Xhosa and the Zulu tribes.

So, the white men dreamed about a white tribe that could compete with the Black tribes politically, economically and in a variety of other ways. It didn’t work.

Today, after a coalition of American voters cast votes to get rid of Donald Trump, white men in the USA are having similar fantasies.

White males in both the Republican and Democratic political parties are holding on to their dreams about elected officials that will perpetuate and maintain their divisional, nationalistic and supremacist approaches in governmental administration.

Proud Boys, Boogaloo Brothers, Klansmen and other domestic terrorists and haters will never abandon their love for Donald Trump because they see the losing Trump as one of their own. To them, Trump walks like a racist, talks like a racist and acts like a racist.

Put the white male fantasies to bed!

The white males that are not card carrying domestic terrorists apparently believe it is better to have a President that has a pale-faced administration than one that will have an administration that is diverse and looks more like the makeup of America.

Ever since the Republican takeovers of state and federal elected offices that began in the early 1980s, both Democratic and Republicans have based their political operations on influencing and motivating white males.

Democrats have done all they could do to get conservative white males to vote Democratic and those efforts have failed miserably!

The 2020 elections should have proven to you what The Gantt Report told you years ago, most white males will not vote for a Black President or Vice President, they will never vote for a ticket that calls for diversity and inclusion and they probably won’t vote for a Black and a Jew in the upcoming runoffs for the two U.S. Senate races in Georgia.

I know you don’t like for me to write like this but it’s true. Most people in Georgia will be voting for “good government” but white males will, in their minds, be voting for their lives. White males in Georgia will be highly influenced by their fear of a Black Georgia that might have Stacey Abrams emerge in the future as the Peach State’s first Black Governor.

Black Democrats in Atlanta and other cities are really excited but not I, said the political cat!

Guess who will orchestrate the campaigns of candidates Jon Ossoff and Reverend Raphael Warnock, the same highly paid white male political consultants and political vendors that couldn’t get 50% of the votes in the General Election.

Don’t read what I’m writing as merely racial poppycock and don’t reduce what will happen to comments by people pretending to be political prognosticators that go on news networks to talk about enthusiastic Black voters that will lead Democrats to the Political Promised Land.

Let’s go back to what you’ve been reading in The Gantt Report for many, many years. The Democratic Party membership can be called diverse but the leadership, the decision makers and the Democrats in charge of hiring and purchasing transactions are as white as snow.

Democrats don’t have the best political infrastructure, they don’t have the best messaging, they don’t have the quickest response capabilities, they have no clue about political timing and their “any Negro” will do mentality blocks people that want to help Democrats win from ever getting a chance or opportunity to do so.

“We don’t have to include Blacks professionals in Black media strategy, GOTV or other necessary operations because they will vote Democratic any way” is an insult to conscious Black voters in America and around the world!

Don’t be led astray, don’t be tricked and refuse to be politically jacked! Black and other political independents that voted for Biden really caused the Trump defeat. If the 2020 election was decided by Republicans and Democrats, Republicans would remain in The White House because, of course, over 50% of white males of all persuasions voted for Trump.

I encourage Georgia voters to cast ballots for the candidates they desire but you can’t make peach cobbler with rotten peaches.

If you want the Democrats to win, tell them to hire people that can deliver the needed votes instead of making false promises to volunteers.

Put the white male fantasies to bed!


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