Qawmane Wilson Murders His Mother For Cold Hard Cash! – The LanceScurv Show


Qawmane Wilson 24, from Chicago’s West Side, in a cold-hearted calculating evil move, masterminded the killing of his Mother in order to get money from her bank accounts and life insurance policies.

Madamwhipass & LanceScurv share their feelings on this travesty in a way that only they can! This world is truly going to hell when something like this can happen and I’m afraid to say that I don’t think it’s the LAST time either!


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  • lolo

    Looking at this from afar it is quite disturbing. If this young man had not been caught his children would have been picked off one by one as the years go by for insurance money.

  • lolo

    Looking at this from afar it is quite disturbing. If this young man had not been caught his children would have been picked off one by one as the years go by for insurance money.

  • lola loverangle

    when did this happen

  • Ghalyah Ghalyah

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  • padussia

    These children today are lazy and feel entitled.

  • Tanyalei Hollins

    Love it love it

  • kaloshilo

    You got it all wrong. You need to watch the show Forensic and you will see
    that this is usually a White Collar crime. What about the Menendez

  • Beat By Bobby

    S/O to all the great mothers out there!!!

  • illa_boy

    what ever happen with this case? I live here in Chicago and i can’t find an
    update to the trial…

  • justin thomas

    He gona be screaming for his mama when his long hair bitch ass in da big
    house wit real ganstas.All theses new school bitch boys need some get right
    them bitch tite jeans is cutin off da blood flow to there brains.

  • Janice Schaffer

    I hope he get the injection, all of them who in the fuck kill their mother
    for some fucking chunk change, who would kill their mother for any reason I
    hate yo ass and I don’t even know bitch. But I hope those men in jail dick
    the hell out of you in yo ass and yo mouth. You had a beautiful mother. Go
    straight to hell gay QC!!!!!

  • Gloria Dunnigan

    he is going to hell for that i won’t kill my mom over money no I love my

  • Essence Maynor

    Ily you qawmane you are so cute in the Nick story and you should be free

  • John wayne

    K Michelle dead wrong all dese pornstars

  • manultra7

    You can tell these dudes just want to fight , but never want to fight the the beast .

  • manultra7

    You can tell these dudes just want to fight , but never want to fight the the beast .

  • DominicanaPrincessax

    How could he kill his mother I never knew any of it happen just for money
    and he don’t feel any remorse what so ever bout his mom just for 9O,OOO …
    Money isn’t anything it comes and goes but his mother is for life. Thank
    goodness I didn’t support his ass cause If I did lets just say it isn’t
    gonna be good at all. I hope he got what he deserves should be there for
    Life in prison

  • MissUniversal1000

    They are following the negative HipHop culture. They see the rappers and
    singers who are their role models, who don’t really have anything positive
    or conscious to say, apart from “I got Hoes, money, cars and Bitchs”. They
    see the role models with many tattoos and throwing money around on videos.
    These children can not see that this is not reality. Unfortunately their
    minds are like sponges when they are growing children and they absorb all
    the negative images and dialogue that is portrayed in the music Industry
    and on TV. Children copy what they see so if you don’t want this to be you
    in the future you need to start monitoring what your children watch and
    listen to. Parental guidance is clearly written on some of these Hip hop

  • jazzy jay

    K.O.S is what they say in jail he is going to be hearing that before he
    dies in there

  • kaydra banks

    this nigga murders his mother for money. thats cold blooded. pray for those people in chicago.

  • Courvoisier Papi

    If he did it then why isn’t he locked up?

  • Odell Johnson
  • Tony Tone

    thats so fucked up i feel bad for his mom frfr

  • Nzingha Hamilton

    I went to school with him he’s always been very spoiled and in some ways
    odd right before his mother died she bought him a brand new car smh greed

  • jayden jamison

    Stop lying on this man he did not kill his mom

  • Helen Merced

    2 Timothy 3:1,9

  • CriticalElixir

    Not everyone on the planet is a human now. some are Lucifers SOME REALLY

    The creator warns: “Do not sympathize with the wicked one.” especially
    considering HUMANS in our day – will “become as rare as fine gold.” In
    Noahs day, only 8 souls were left human – the rest were aliens. “Just as in
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    Even a father, brother, husband, wife, son, husband or sister
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    The Bilble says in the last days HUMANS will become as rare as fine
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  • 360Jeweljgwaves

    This coo coo murdered his Mom and this fuck still talking about how
    delinquent Black women are. Had enough of this crap.

  • vickie jones

    It’s in his DNA if father has cancer it’s in the son’s DNA too? This little
    punk is a jealous hater of his mother it’s all about him me,me,me,me.
    Little bitch.little sick bitch

  • Delores Dowling

    Right now my heart is so heavy. Two lives are lost by this horrific crime.
    How could anyone kill their own mother? He will never live it down. Every
    time he looks at himself he will be looking into the face of his mother.
    Check it out, they looked just alike. It hurts my heart to know he did this
    evil thing. Something was missing in their relationship. My children can
    never be my friends. When you become friends with your children you stop
    managing their behavior and they become complacent. Kids have deficiencies
    and need to be taught. That’s one reason why they are born with a clean
    slate. Adults have to put something in/on their minds.
    Now a days babies are having babies so you have two confused people. One
    can’t lead the other because they both need to be nurtured.

  • Revitalize

    Can I be born in another generation please?

  • K Hatch

    When will people realize that Satan is trying to take over….and he is
    working strong on the younger generation because they don’t have strong
    protection against him.

  • Thomas Goletz

    I hate qc**

  • Tynaeja Halton

    Like why would you kill your mother for cash your mother gave life to you
    and the best she could and you gone kill her your a monster


    I hope this fag pay all day long in jail and he live a long time in jail.

  • Gary White


  • Susie bear

    He’s so fugly inside and out! This is not a mental disorder because I’m
    sure that is what his defense will be! This is pure evil I hope he doesn’t
    last 1 hour in prison. The world has no room for subhumans like him!

  • Author Rahsaan Ali

    The bottom line : This bitch killed his momma. That’s all too it.

  • stonedcold

    sad man. These young bros dont give a damn bout nothing nowadays. Ben
    frank got a lot of these kuntry azz niggas head fucked up. Sad how society
    got some youth head just psycho. Can’t blame this one on bad parenting

  • jennifer matthews

    U mf monster

  • DaOrigTruthSeeker

    These Black moms do too much for their sons these days. The minute they can’t do something for them these boys fall apart. This boy is demonic. Some women don’t realize that they have babies by demonic men. You got to be careful who you lay with because you can give birth to a demon. Real talk….not all babies are innocent. Psalms 58:1-3….some are wicked from the womb.

  • xavier miller


  • illuzeweb

    I agree with most outside of the crack baby comments do your research it has been shown that statistically the development of ‘crack babies’ isn’t any different from others. THey actually showed a girl on Dateline that is in law school that is a ‘crack baby’ Qawmane is in for the worse in prison if it hasn’t started already

  • rennexoxo

    This is definatley a very sad story about a evil spolied brat who was obviously obessed with money, fashion, cars and some of sort fake rapper life style. He had ZERO respect for his mother! so he killed her. Smoking weed isnt like smoking crack! and you have to be responsible responsible responsible and ot smoke it when youre a dam kid!

  • MrRonhines

    I really enjoyed this conversation.

  • Mrepifany

    Im not on some PRO BLACK TRIP or Conspiracy theory or anything, but
    negative vids are part of the nationwide campaign to further smear the
    reputation, psyche, self esteem, of black people. All races have ratchet
    poverty ridden people that make videos like this but I know for a fact the
    media sprints to post videos like this when it involves “niggas”. Anything
    that promotes or perpetuates the STEREOTYPES that we are stupid, useless,
    leaches on the system, prone to violence and crime, or just plain ignorant
    always seem to go viral.
    Heres my proof:
    Sharkeisha Video
    The Knock-out game media coverage
    The NJ home invasion Video
    Rapper QC killing his mother viral coverage
    Real housewives of Atlanta tv show
    Cursing baby
    Antoine Dodson videos
    98% of World Star videos
    Sweet brown
    Twerking babies
    I could go on and on for days about all the negative videos involving black
    people. Where are the positive videos at? The best movies involving black
    people the last few years involve us in SUBSERVIENT ROLES or in bad lime
    Case in point:
    The Help
    The Butler
    Training Day
    American Gangster
    12 years a Slave
    Notice a pattern in all these award winning movies?
    These movies represent ALMOST all of the best black movies in the last few
    years here in America. Its all being done intentionally for some twisted
    reasons. Dont get me wrong many blacks are “ratchet” but so are other
    races. Why is it that black dirty laundry gets aired so damn fast and with
    such vigor? Why do black movies do so well when we play stereotypical roles
    such as thugs, gangsters, drug dealers, whores or SLAVES? WHY?

  • kundalini1128

    Dude, didn’t his mother brought him into this world for $$$Money$$? Ever
    heard of CHILD $UPPORT? She didn’t care about him. Where’s his father?
    The mother is not innocent! Qawane and his mother are from the same
    homo/thug/nigga bloodline.

  • dyonomite reacher


  • Mrepifany

    BLOOD Sacrificed his Mother.
    MOST of the big celebs have done it. They just weren’t as sloppy as this
    retarded kid.
    Jay Z did it with his Mistress Cathy White…
    Kanye did it with his Mom.
    Dame Dash did it with Aaliyah.
    Jen Hudson did it with her family and those heinous murders.
    Suge Knight did it with Tupac.

  • Seoul Goode

    She’s so right though. This generation want their SHIT RIGHT NOW. THey do
    not want to wait. Most black folks parents will pass on and leave nothing
    behind. I want to be able to leave a trust fund for mine. What can you
    do? U want to be able to explain wills and estates to your kids, but damn,
    are these lil mf’s gone off you when they find out what you’re leaving

    I said I would do it differently where whatever I’m leaving you, you’ll get
    it from me when you reach a certain age. So if ur 15 when I die, you dont
    get shit til ur say 28. If Im alive and once u reach 28, u get ur
    whatever. I dont want any property or money I’m leaving anyone to be tied
    to “when I die.” That time or demise seems to come a lot sooner than later
    when money is involved.

  • manultra7

    Your mother is GOD in your world ? This is what white supremacy does too
    the Black mind . Fuck money and this world.

  • LanceScurv

    Qawmane Wilson Murders His Mother For Cold Hard Cash! – The LanceScurv Show

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