Quality Of Life Or Quantity Of Strife?

It’s amazing to me when I see so many seemingly intelligent individuals exert large sums of energy to secure what they consider a higher quality of life by making foolish material purchases that only help to add strife to their already blessed lives.

What is the motivation when they have it all and don’t even realize it?

I’m going to include myself in this diatribe because I have to admit that I have been their before I woke up.

But how is it that we are in possession of one of the most dynamically made physical machines that is topped by no other man made creation when it comes to its possessing the multiple precision systems that it has yet we feel as though we are elevating ourselves with the purchase of an “off the assembly line” automobile that is guaranteed to break down in a short time and can’t even compare on any level to the bodies that we are in?

How is it that we have begun to rate our quality of life in things that have nothing to do with the free gifts God has given us?

We have fallen off of the mark as a society and are feeding into things that have actually leeched our ability to enjoy what was meant for us all. Quality of life does NOT mean more man made amenities, it actually means having the ability to enjoy the God given luxuries that money can’t buy!

How much is it worth to a man who is terminally ill and knows that his life is mere hours away from ending yet he catches a glimpse of the most beautiful sunset outside of his window in which he accepts as probably being his last one?

How much is that worth to him?

He just might have several garages full of exotic luxury top of the line vehicles, but that doesn’t bring him the peace that viewing that sunset does and putting him back into the mindset of realizing how miniscule his earthly possessions were when compared to God’s grace that allowed him to make peace with his Creator mere hours before leaving this earthly plane.

Maybe just maybe he understands how much of his life was subjected to the strife that came with those possessions that made him such a target to where he could NOT even have enjoyed them fully.



Now do not let me sit here and convince you that my eyes wouldn’t bulge and my heart wouldn’t skip a beat if someone didn’t mysteriously walk up to me to place the keys to a luxury car in my hands and told me that it was paid for and all mine with the paperwork to prove it.

I would be lying my butt off if I said that a happening such as that wouldn’t affect me!

…….I would probably be a young teenager all over again tearing off into the horizon with my new ride!

But seriously, I have learned enough at this point in my life to know that the true achievement of life quality comes in that delicate balance that has you enjoying and appreciating every phase of life and your day as it comes to pass.

When you come to a point in your existence when you abhor one section of your life and fully embrace another then you are in a serious state of imbalance and are not enjoying your life to the fullest at all. You are then more likely to fall into the trap of feeling that you need to surround yourself with an ever increasing amount of material goods to douse the flames of emptiness that burn from within and do nothing for you except to hide the fact that you seriously need to get your life fixed.

Let me explain…….

If you are more interested in your days off from work (Just an example) as opposed to the time that you spend AT work then you have allowed the external terrain to affect your internal peace. You should always be constant in how you feel from the inside no matter what is going on around you on any level. I am just as enthused about my life when I wake up to a two week “vacation” as when I am told that I have to stay on my job to do more hours of overtime unexpectedly when I thought I was about to go home.

It shouldn’t matter what the circumstances are around you because I myself am that man in the earlier example (Without the terminal illness of course!) who enjoys that sunset like it is my last!

You see, I don’t have to get to that point in my life where I am on my way out to really see the beauty of life that I had previously neglected and ignored because I was barking up the wrong tree in my quest for that superficial satisfaction.

We first must stop seeking our happiness in the outward endeavors and practices of this illusion of a world and realize that it all comes from within. What many secret societies do not want you to understand is that the mighty power of melanin which you have in abundance will fuel you to the level of awareness where you will never need another trip to their pharmacies ever again or to even have to travel in their slow lane ever again because you are equipped to power past them effortlessly with immeasurable speed.

…….did I lose you with that one? LOL! Trust me, one day you will understand if you don’t.

But you must know that your quality of life is guaranteed if you tap into your inner power and stop wasting your time placing your faith in these earthly trinkets that will do nothing but distract you with strife. God gives the priceless item freely while man charges a fortune for something that truly amounts to trash on a cosmic spiritual level. Stop wasting your time following the path of the rebellious man as he seeks to distract you from the knowledge of self that will always keep you over and above him while he attempts to keep the ignorant of you down. That is his vow and this is the only way that he can enjoy riding in your divine luxury ride and coppin’ a feel on your Queen’s ass and pretending that he is the King that YOU were placed here to be.

I might speak in riddle but many of you friends and foes alike know exactly what I’m talking about and will try to convince those who like what I do that I am a nut and a headcase! Some will believe you and others will become curious but isn’t it funny how much my reach has grown since you thought you snuffed me out all of those years ago? Damn! Melanin is a great thing when you know how to tap into it isn’t it!

But anyway, back on the subject matter…….

It shouldn’t matter if the sun is shining or not because your light should shine from within. It just doesn’t happen because you say it will, you must understand how to cultivate that light and it will never fail you in this life. First of all, you must know how to meditate. You must know how to cut yourself off from the Matrix of this man made order so that you can stoke the real fires of life force from within.

I might make that an entire blog all onto itself because that will be a very much involved topic but nonetheless you must know how to meditate not only at home or in that quiet protected place but out and about amongst the madness of the world with all of its strange spirits moving about you competing for your focus.

Like learning how to ride a bicycle, once you get the knack for having this kind of focus, nothing can stop you or no one can keep you from your desired goals ever again in this life.

Great athletes have it as they push their bodies to greater achievement and great scholars have it as they take their awareness to levels never seen. It’s the ability to see beyond the “now” and manifest the future as you desire it into the present. It’s the secret to losing weight just as well as it is the secret to calling down money from the heavens for your business plan where others will feel that you must beg others.

To have this ability literally guarantees your quality of life because you will now know that God has given you so much power more than most will ever comprehend but as you make things happen as long as it’s His will only then will others believe.


So stop running after the lie of being able to buy happiness because in actuality all you are doing is distracting yourself from the sadness that never left and is sure to return to your leeched out consciousness even stronger.

I’m going to say it again in much simpler terms: You cannot buy happiness, you can only distract yourself from the sadness/dissatisfaction that refuses to go away UNLESS you tap into the God force that resides inside of you!

Why is it that those who spend their lives running on the treadmill never realize until the end of that life that they have been wasting their time all along? Some never come into this awareness and it is so sad, because so much life is thrown away.

Workplace Stress

To wrap things up I must say that it doesn’t matter where you live, how much money you earn for a living or what you look like that determines your quality of life. Everyone can attain an improved quality of life if they would only learn to work with what they have to maximize it and balance it out while having a great appreciation and contentment with what they have.

Too many of us are blessed beyond measure and don’t even realize it because we are looking at what the next woman or man may have and feel as though what we have been granted in this life just isn’t enough.

The rich man will envy the strength and virility of the younger man.

The younger man fantasizes and envies the riches of that older guy.

That older woman might envy the attention that a younger woman receives because of her youthful beauty while that same young girl might be in awe of that mature woman’s confidence and carriage.

So we have to understand that none of us are perfect or will ever be perfect as human beings and should stop being motivated by what we lack and build ourselves up with what our God has given us to work with. In the end if we do not show appreciation for what we have we will NEVER be granted the blessing of receiving more and if by some chance we do it will be fleeting because our mentality and spirit will not be responsible enough to be able to hold on to it!

Leave the superficial foolishness of this world alone and prepare your hearts to meet your Maker and you life will take on an entirely different flavor that will render it stress free in comparison to how you lived it before.

Your quality of life will go up exponentially and the quantity of strife will instantly diminish forevermore!

That’s my rant for the week and I hope that I didn’t confuse you too much because there was some sweet nuggets of truth well hidden deep within those paragraphs. LOL!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,



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