Random Thoughts # 5 – The LanceScurv Show –
Black people for the most part are still “touched” by the tragedies suffered in American slavery.

While others will attempt to dismiss the effects of our collective Holocaust as nonexistent, they will never understand that the rhythms absorbed at that time have been passed down so powerfully and it’s as though we are still living under that kind of overt oppression.

But to tell you the truth, WE ARE!

We have the facade of certain rights that the delusional still cling on to but for those of us who can see the evil trajectory and where it’s going, we know that this stolen land will be soaked with even more of our blood in the future over and above anything that has transpired in the past.

In this episode of Random Thoughts I begin with a tale of a young lady who works at a T-Mobile Payment Center and the strange and obvious vibes that she threw off while working with two caucasion men who definitely had agendas of their own.

It’s amazing what one can pick up when the gift of discernment is flowing so powerful in one’s life!

Enjoy my rant!

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