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Whether we understand it or not, these out of control unaddressed penis issues that men have are screwing up the entire world!

Now don’t get me wrong folks, I’m not morphing into some type of emasculated wimp who is sympathetic to all things feminist, but it’s the truth.

As men our penis issues are something that must be inflicted on the entire world around us and woe to the planet if the executor has any modicum of power to leverage even more discomfort to their victims!

Here we have Andrew Caldwell, Michael Gorhum and Kim Jong-un, three totally different men – or rather, males – who have created havoc in their respective worlds all because of the our of control penis issues that they possess.

Some have comedic results, some tragic and others downright bratty and childlike.

When you peer into most situations through the lens of the penis issues, you will then begin to understand a phenomenon that once baffled you which now makes much more sense.

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