Rapper Common In The White House & The Unseen Challenges Of The Creativly Gifted!

After viewing a recent video clip that was posted on one of my regular blogs that I love to surf daily (Yes, even ol’ Scurv surfs the ‘net from time to time to enjoy the stimulating expressions of others! Lol!), I realized that everyone doesn’t have the ability to think on the spiritual plane and oftentimes gets very upset at a person who does.

The video clip was about the media uproar over Hip Hop’s poetic genius Common and his invitation by First Lady Michelle Obama to participate in the poetry event that would be hosted exclusively at the White House. The network that it was broadcasted on was FoxNews, so you already know that pertinent facts would be greatly ignored or severely twisted. And after watching a few minutes of the debate where a news anchor representing FoxNews basically said that it was wrong for Common to step foot in the White House after learning of some lyrics that they deemed unacceptable.

“They” deemed unacceptable?

I have a problem with that. Sure. I have a problem with FoxNews coming out of the gate but who put THEM in charge to judge an art form that they will NEVER understand? How pompous! How arrogant! How wrong!

It cracks me up when those in the right wing media attack a bold expressionist whose roots are planted deep in the urban soil of the inner city experience because their heartfelt revelations derived from their experiences as the oppressed do not fit into what the corporate entities project as reality.

And this is an issue that I have had to deal with all of my life as a person who thinks/feels/experiences life from the creative side of my brain and spiritual essence of my being. The issue is subtle and most who may not be as creative or in tune spiritually probably can’t relate to this but please allow me to share this anyway because it is something that you need to know.


…….because you just might step on someone’s creative or “spiritually intuitive” toes and not know what you did or even worse you may have a child one day who is gifted in this manner and inadvertently crush their spirit in a way that will halt their inner God-voice and greatness from ever manifesting itself.

And I don’t think you would ever want to do something so cruel…….

……unless you are sold out to the devil!

But seriously, I have found that people either fear what they don’t understand or attack it vehemently, for some unknown reason I have an impeccably spotless record of being on the receiving end of the latter.

I have always been attacked because I had dared to be different. I never had to try to be unique, it flowed through every vein in my body and I was taught by my very loving and supportive parents that it was actually the ideal thing to run with in this life because most people were working so hard to fit it.

How sad.

I must admit, that for many years of my life I had a period of abandoning my unique outlook on life and purposely pushed away my pursuit at being the best Lance Scurvin I could be in exchange for the highly conformed very sad and terribly unrewarding cookie cutter existence that most spiritually defeated individuals tend to settle for.

But at this point in my life when I look back I can see even the beauty of THAT gray and very bland period and how it motivates me even today!

But I find it so sad to see how today in our present educational system (Which has become the oppressors training camps of mental indoctrination to create more non threatening sheeple who are ill equipped to fight their evil agendas!) how our youngsters are being steered away from “finding themselves” like we were taught to do while growing up as opposed to the agenda being taught of how to “fit in” to an already close minded society that basically punishes all things intuitive.

Intuitive? Yes! How dare one be intuitive in today’s corporate landscape? How dare one listen to the beat of a different drummer that’s not approved by the spiritually oppressive masters?

Whether you realize it or not, there are so many battles, seen and unseen (But very much felt!) that are going on in our lives that we are not even aware of. Once you have personally proclaimed your commitment to abiding strictly to that divine inner voice exclusively, your enemy senses this and the battle will now rage on relentlessly from there.

Those that have not the abilities to speak directly to the masses will get highly upset and work so very hard to “bring you in line” to that life robbing voice that THEY THEMSELVES have pledged a lifetime allegiance to!

This happens automatically as they can sense that you are one who has not fallen in line. It could be a mere dirty look from the person standing behind you in the supermarket checkout line to the boss who seems to always have some issue with you and uses every single letter of the companies work policies to come against you while others are given a free ride with absolutely no reprimands at all.

In this life you MUST know that when you step into living a life guided by divine principle that you have now created a powerful ripple effect of energy around you that needs not any verbal proclamation in order to be felt or heard.

All the enemy and his followers have to do is just take one look…….

…….and they will know exactly where you are coming from!

So know that while the poetic genius named Common gets blasted for the misunderstood lyrics that he has wonderfully weaves together to express the mindset of a people to whom the corporate bigwigs at FoxNews vehemently oppose or whether it’s those coworkers who always seem to attempt to keep an issue going with you because of their inability to walk in the light understand, that you will constantly be under an attack of some sort because to walk with the Holy Spirit is to walk divinely protected at every turn without fear!

No fear!

When you possess the spiritual connection and conviction to speak truth to satanic power effectively as well as the unique ability to do so after getting through their schools without having those abilities crushed, they will come at you to complete the job that should have been successfully executed when they had your young mind in their clutches!

Why? Because you are a threat! This is why it is okay for Satan to take over and control all fields of artistic and creative endeavors or HIS wicked purpose but it’s not okay for you to independently pursue YOUR righteous path without his influence in what you create for GOD’S purpose!

So never ever look for an acknowledgment that will NEVER come from their corrupted order and always expect to be shut out from their inner networks as you can NEVER be included or accepted because you are rooted in something so diametrically opposed to what they stand for!

It is that simple fact that I want all of you who are reading this as parents, grandparents, caregivers and guardians to teach the gifted children and young ones in your presence so that they do not waste any precious time stressing over whether they are going to make it or not in a system that despises their connection and conviction to all that is pleasing to God!

This is why those in the music and movie industry are rewarded greatly when they are used to lead the masses into a decadent way of life through their creations that are spread across the land so aggressive while backed by the wealth of the corporate giants who are the strong arm of the secret satanic orders and designated mind control agents.

Yes I know, many of you reading this may have a hint at what I am trying to convey while some of you will think I’m a certified nut or haven’t a clue as to what I’m trying to say.

Either way it’s okay, because everyone will NOT understand just as everyone will NOT make it into God’s Kingdom. So I at this point in my life must relentlessly call it as I see it revealed to me because I know that someone understands totally and is effected by these words in a positive strengthening manner.

And if it is merely just one person who can take something from this article then I have been successful in my undertaking and divinely designated post.

So go forth into the world and boldly share what God has put in your heart to share with a world that is hungry to absorb divine creations that resonate with the truth and are in line with what our Creator desires for us.

Fear no entity as you manifest the destiny that was chosen for you long before you stepped foot on this earth. Know that you have the backing of the Most High and as long as you move in that ordained space you will never go hungry, never be harmed, never be in lack even when you may not have all that you want you will ALWAYS have what you need!

When you understand that THIS LIFE is NOT your own and have submitted all of your energies to THE ONE who has gifted you with not only the unique creative gifts that you possess but the gift of life itself, then no matter HOW MUCH your agitator and enemy rants and raves about what you are put here on this earth to do, the ultimate successes will be yours to behold in God’s name at the end of the day!

So keep on throwing those righteous punches, because in the battles of life you can NEVER lose as long as you execute the divine life giving instructions spoken to you when God is in your corner!

Never EVER forget that!

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  • JoChurchman says:

    WOW~!!!! WOW!!!! WOW!!!

    SO VERY VERY TRUE… who are these people to judge anyone?

    Often i have found that when one person judges another it is because they DO NOT look at their own lives as it is far too easy to look at the life of another and judge them so they dont have to judge their life and what THEY THEMSELVES are doin…

    And just as many will revoke the right to use their god given gift and connection to the divine .. some also choose to disconnect from the connection they had with the divine source… Its quite sad really!! I have embraced my gift and i will continue to wether people like it or approve of it or whatever they perceive me to be.. they do not know me or what I AM capable of.. they do not see my creativity and they do not see the person who has feelings at the centre of their slanderous words… people in this day and age just do not care… many people are out to get whatever they can get materialistically and not emotionally or spiritually…

    I help people on a daily basis.. with my connection to the divine and his angelic messengers… people come into my life and out they go just as fast… buti know that wiht each person.. i have planted a seed within them and they are now on the path of finding their own truths and the knwoledge they need to connect to the divine… some people dont listen at all.. and yes.. some people even call me crazy or nuts… but that is because they are living in fear … fear of the un known..

    A person can come into my presence and I can instantly know who they are.. what they are about… and i can sit and "READ" them and tell them about their life and things they are goin through… but i embrace this gift…. my friends that i have in usa.. they come to me all the time.. and they ask me things.. sometimes and "Jo the SEE'r" or as JO THE FRIEND that i am to each and every one of these people… people who love me for just being myself and that i have a good heart… I love my friends as much as they love me… and i believe they are my soul group of friends that will be in my life for ever!!!!

    Why people get scared and government officials do not like "US" being outside what they consider to be normal… darn,, if u hear spirit voices in ur mind.. ur a scitzophrenic… or labelled CRAZY!!!! I have also seen this a lot as of recent months… and these ppl are given medication that are to block out the voices of the divine.. Now dont get me wrong I am not sayin there arent people out there who are truly NOT scitzophrenic.. I DO THINK that this shud be a careful LABELL they put on people… very careful indeed….

    People need to wake up.. connect right back to the divine.. and listen to their guidance of their soul… and that voice that tells them that its all an amazing thing to have this connection…

    Now.. as for teaching our children from a young age.. I was shocked recently to read an article about how our children are taught about GOD at such an early age and how BAD our GOD is… WOW.. is all i can say… who in their right mind as a teacher.. wud put a child in a position to be scared of the very person who created them… The very person whom they need to keep their connection to… The very person who loves them unconditionally and wants them to experience the very best 8in life and CREATE their life to be SO AMAZING!!!! WOW.. WHAT GIVES THEM THE RIGHT TO SCARE A CHILD LIKE THAT… MASSES OF CHILDREN!!!! WOW!!!! This shud be stopped.. but i guess its another way for the government and leaders to disconnect you from the divine source there is.. GOD!!!!

    I tell my children to embrace this gift… One of my daughters.. she can see hear AND sense spirit and Angels.. and i help her to embrace it….. I help her to put fear where it belongs… even this is hard to do sometimes as EGO and her teachings at school.. make her question this… But I will always be here to help her along the way….



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