Rapper Heavy D Dead At 44 – Life, Death & The Liquidity Of Time!

I really hate it when one of our contemporary stars passes (Or anyone to whom I have a close connection with!) away, especially when they are slightly younger than me.

I hate the numbers game that I am forced into playing. Legendary Rapper/Entertainer Heavy D dead at 44.

Well I will soon be forty-nine in April 2012 and hearing that I was blessed with just about five more years than him makes me feel as though I am living on borrowed time.

It’s a very humbling experience indeed.


But when you really look at it we are all living on borrowed time because it’s God who gave us the gift of live in the first place and He decides how things transpire in this plane of existence.

So the very moment we are conceived we are on time that has been gifted to us. We then seem to feel it is our right to live a long life close to if not actually going into triple digit numbers effortlessly before painlessly passing in our sleep.

You probably understand by now is that life doesn’t always adhere to that script and if it does then more power to you but chances are it won’t.

But to really break it down, if we say that we are living on borrowed time the inference is that there is something to be paid back, and since we as humans cannot create, speed up, slow down or alter time to our liking in any way shape or form, there is most likely something that we need to be doing with the available time that we do have.

It’s our way of justifying our existence and saying thanks to The One who has granted us this wonderful and mysterious experience called life on this earth.

But from what I observe and I am quite sure that you will agree with me wholeheartedly, is that most who are enjoying and experiencing life in a carefree manner have no idea that there is something required of their time as a validation for the gift that they have so abundantly received.

Let me break it down in layman’s terms so you can get where I’m coming from…….

When someone has you over as a guest in their home for several days, isn’t it the right thing to do to clean up not only after yourself but to make your presence in your host’s home an absolutely pleasure by going above and beyond to so something for them more than what is required?

It justifies you stay there and actually makes the host WANT to invite you back!

They will say what a wonderful guest you have been and next time do even MORE for you at your next visit!

Well how do you think God feels when you inadvertently thank Him by going above and beyond His expectations of your brief stay here on this earth by doing something positive with the gift of your life? Don’t you think that makes Him happy? And while I do not believe in reincarnation I feel as though He will “have you back” because as a host because He will remember how well you honored Him and will exalt you higher in the next level of existence because of the way you spent your time on earth.

I remember yesterday reading one of the many internet message boards that I do to keep up with what the people are talking about. I do this to catch the true pulse of the world over what the major media outlets are putting out there to steer the thinking of the masses. One of the subjects that I am seeing increasingly more and more is how so many of us are concerned with the transition that we call death. It seems as though because of the tension of the times that many see this as something so real because it is something that could happen to them due to the killings and murders that have increased because of perilous times.

What they have been saying in a nutshell is that they fear death to the utmost while the minority of respondents have stated that they believe in a higher order and won’t really stress it because there is nothing that they can about it until the time comes.

All I would like to add is that if we do right with the time that we are granted on this earth and in this lifetime we will have nothing to worry about. This is comparable to a second grade elementary school student freaking out over the homework assignments of their older sibling who happens to be in the sixth grade of the same school. That second grader has absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes their time to go to the sixth grade if they focus on all of the subsequent grades that they have to conquer before they arrive to that more advanced point in their schooling. This is what we do in life. If we utilize our time in the present properly now we shouldn’t have to concern ourselves with what will transpire in the not to distant future when we make our transition.

If you have been paying your bills on time and have an excellent credit line why should you worry when it is time to make that major purchase as they run your credit report to see if you are worthy of receiving such a major item such as that brand new car or a major appliance that your desire? You know how you have been living and you know that your record is spotless so why worry? The purchase will be made because you already know what they are about to find out!

So if you have the fear of death within your heart then I would suggest instead of spending so much precious time that could be spent on enjoying life instead of fearing death then there might be some things that you need to adjust that may need some rectifying before that time comes while you can do it!

If you know that you are right with the Creator then you know that there is NOTHING to worry about!

I have no time to fear death as I am in a total pursuit to live a life that manifests all of the talents and abilities granted to me to affect those around me who may need the boost righteously in this life.

You have accomplished NOTHING in this world if you have not or will not seek to affect the world that you live in. It’s not about fame. It’s not about material items. It’s not about how many hedonistic endeavors that you can drown you senses in but it is about reflecting the light that your Creator shines down on you every single day that He gives you in this wonderful level called life!

It’s your way of cleaning up after yourself and doing the dishes to make your divine host happy!

Think of it that way.

Another thing that I wanted to speak on before I run is how this thing called time flows.

Have you ever had the feeling that time moves faster in comparison than other time periods? I truly believe it does.

I believe if you were to take a “swatch” (sample) of time from the same time last year and place it next to a “swatch” of time from the present time it would not match up equally in the time that it takes to exhaust itself.

While the clock will state that the same time has passes, we must understand that the clock is immersed in the same conditions and will actually move slower or faster according to what the conditions are in the world around it therefore giving you an inaccurate reading.

I feel we need to trust our gut instincts on this one. When you feel that the year has flown by faster than others, you are in actuality utilizing your third eye to “feel” something that the physical realm cannot really tell you. You are feeling something that is beyond your five senses can signal to you and you have in actuality acknowledged that you have a spirit self.

The beautiful thing about this spiritual self is that when you can walk into this plane constantly with an ever increasing awareness and dependence on what it guides you to do, you can accomplish what may seem and appear to be superhuman feats where others will fall by the wayside from fatigue from their attempt to accomplish the same tasks.

While I will never blaspheme a preacher, pastor or clergy, why is it that they do not explain things in these terms so that we know how to navigate in this world with a greater ease than we have been taught?

We are not taught how to make the connection between Holy Scripture and the real world application of the scripture and most are not diligent enough to push and study until the light of truth breaks through the cloak of ignorance that has been blocking out their reception of the truth!

But getting back to the time issue I feel for sure that it moves at different speeds because time is actually a physical dimension that affects us all on this plane. If it weren’t then how come it states in the Bible that Heaven is a place where there is NO time? So if there is no time in Heaven since it is not a physical place but a spiritual plane then time has to be something that is physical that we just cant see!

I would love to do a talk show on this topic and I would love to here your thoughts on this for sure so leave your comments in the comments box below and let us continue this discussion right here for the world to gain knowledge from. And I am sending out a direct invitation to my cherished friend and dear Brother from Nigeria to whom I respect so much named Dan Abia! (Yes I am calling you out by name my Brother!) Please leave YOUR feedback here because your understanding is one that I submit to and learn from every single time we speak as well as so many others who are in the Scurv family!

I have to run! Take care, God bless and PEACE!

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