Rapper Lil Boosie Speaks A False Truth That Our Oppressor Will Reward Him Greatly For!

When I heard the words spoken by rapper Lil’ Boosie in a recent interview it made me cringe severely in my chair because it amazes me how someone with a limited experience in the broader scope of the struggle of Black people – worldwide and especially in America – could be showcased to say such ignorant things over the public airwaves.

Now, I understand where he is coming from because I see that he has been limited in his grasp of the total Black experience, but what scares me is how his fans and how so many other who follow him will be influenced to feel the same way that he does.

Correct me if I’m wrong in my observation, but when a “celebrity” of sorts like Lil Boosie makes such statements about Black people, somewhere down the line I believe he will be rewarded with even more opportunities to reflect us as being sub par, stupid and inept when compared to the rest of the human family.

Buffoonery pays well in this day and age and if you are willing to say derogatory things about your people publicly it only ensures a special place in the house of the oppressor who takes delight in tearing a people down.

But the fact of the matter is that we are a brilliant race of people who have contributed to all great things exalted by the human family but now have to face the results of our capture and mental indoctrination as we are now beginning to believe the bad press clipping put out there about us.

Yes we are not what we were collectively as a race but to say that we are the WORST is a completely misleading!

Does Lil Boosie understand that there has been legislation put in place here in America for as long as this country has existed to make it harder for the Black man to achieve anything of note?

But yet, we still rise as there are many examples of our excellence as a people regardless of the amount of obstacles that are thrown in our path!

Somebody needs to get to this fool quick before he convinces countless other young Black youth that we are the worst race which in turn will make it easier to pull the trigger on the gun on each other to manifest even more self hate.

But isn’t it funny how easy it is for someone who is obviously not knowledgeable to get on a platform that will be distributed to the masses to say such foolish things while we never hear from the scholars amongst us who can break it down in an undisputed manner?

Our people are being destroyed and our culture is being hijacked and those who truly desire to make it to the top of any influential area will more than likely have to sell out on encouraging their people in exchange for preaching a sense of hopelessness to them.


So in my mind, the Lil Boosie mentally as displayed in his recent interview is merely the latest episode of statements and actions made by high profile Black people that will be used to hammer the final nails in the coffin of our existence.

You can’t tell me that anyone who happens to be a judge that is on the fence in their decision on a court case upon hearing Boosie’s words isn’t swayed just a little bit toward given someone more of a sentence because they will now view them as hopeless because they’re Black?

Now, when you take the entire roster of clown-like reality television shows that are shoved down our throats as though it is a fair cross section and representation of Black people, one could only imagine the effect that it has on others who basically abhor us anyway when it’s all said and done.

At the end of the day we’ve got to understand that the words of Lil Boosie and those similar to him must be taken for what it is.

While we all can grow and mature into a better version of ourselves as I hope Lil Boosie does as he gets a better grasp of how this worldly system works in a wicked way to keep us not making progress, understand that he speaks from a place of ignorance, partially truths expressed improperly and as a young man who simply isn’t “THERE” yet.

Lil Boosie

So as a remedy for my dissatisfaction for his expressions, let me suggest that we seek out the scholars and knowledgeable ones who can truly teach us how to navigate this wicked system successfully because I know for a fact that God didn’t create the original man of the planet earth to be the worst in anything!

If we are the worst, then the entire human family is the worst because they ALL came from us!

Those of you who enjoy the brotherhood of secret handshakes and signs KNOW that I’m telling the truth and you need to speak out when you hear lies like this being perpetuated!

But I won’t hold my breath because it seems as though some of us are gagged, knocked in the head and put to sleep like Hiram Abiff so I guess I’ll continue to cry out like a wolf all alone in the wild!

But I guess I’ll been alright as long as Lil Boosie doesn’t find himself on the Fox News network being interviewed by Sean Hannity or Bill O’Reilly.

Whew! If that were to happen then you KNOW the world is coming to an end!

Peace, Righteous Love & Revolution Always!

Your Relentless Brother,



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