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Today I was so blessed to cross paths once again with a wonderful Woman who has been my friend for many years and has a powerful story to tell that I can vouch for.

Her name is Anita and she bares her soul as well as shares her truths to the masses about how a real Mother should look after their children by any means necessary.

If there are any individuals out here in 2016 who say that things are so bad in our communities as an excuse to not put forth any effort in raising our children with all that we have inside, Anita is here to tell you that it can and will be done if you only hang in there and stay connected to God the Creator Himself!

This conversation flowed in an unscripted shoot from the hip manner and I believe that SOMEONE will draw some inspiration from this to pick up and continue on in a righteous struggle that many have simply given up on.

To all our viewers simply understand that when the going gets tough, the tough get going and I cannot think of a finer example of this than in Anita, my dear friend and faithful Woman of God!

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