Rastafarianism has been shrouded in mystery and falsehood not because our Rasta Sisters and Brothers desired to keep their way of living away from the masses, but for the simple fact that so many outsiders have placed their ignorant spin on a righteous disciplined way of living that they really never understood. To make matters even worse we have those who’ve claimed Christianity as their manner of worship and “belief” who have stood condescending over any Rasta who crosses their path as though they are less than human and not deserving of the respect, dignity and reverence that any member of hue-man kind deserves. So to absorb our Brother Kwaku’s experienced words is truly enlightening as to how many looked down on Rastas and how so many who want the look are not Rasta to the core of their being. We would love for you to share your perspectives in the comment area below and leave your personal experiences so that we can all elevate in wisdom and knowledge. Thank you.

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