Ratchet Facebook ‘Hood Fights – A Despicable Gauge Of How Far We’ve Fallen Off As A People

I just can’t understand it when I hear that Black people are doing so well and we are making so much progress as opposed to the many decades of struggle through the civil rights movement and the hundreds of years of slavery before it.

But something is wrong for sure…….

Early this morning in the wee hours while waiting for a returned phone call from an associate, I found myself in a space where I had a few moments to kill and decided to really see what the Facebook frenzy of online “Ratchet Fights” were all about.

I mean, as a person who deals with the public directly everyday, I see street fights all day long and really didn’t fancy seeing anymore low down behavior on my computer for my own entertainment but thought it would interesting to key in on what the total scenario was around the fight.

So I found this Facebook page called “Rachet Fights” which feature mainly young females in poor neighborhoods who for the most part fit the description of the stereotypical ‘hoodrats who are going nowhere in life. You don’t have to get on Facebook to see these mindless offerings, they’re all over YouTube as well as so many other online platforms and sites such as WorldStarHipHop.

These altercations usually begin with a perceived slight that’s encouraged by the enthusiastic onlookers who are equipped with several camera-phones to capture the action as it happens.

After watching several of these featured ghetto battles I’ve found that the young females who are fighting gave me the impression that if it weren’t for the cheering of the bloodthirsty crowd around them, their passions to land blows with deadly intentions on each other would probably wouldn’t exist at all.

They would probably share a few heated words and move on but since their “crew” is there recording every insult and threat they have to “represent” that they are not afraid and follow through with a fight that usually doesn’t end up in a good space at all.

So to me it’s not so much the fighters but the twisted appetite of those who encourage it.

Has this become Black America’s favorite online spectator sport?

Mental Sickness

But understand what shocked me even more so was that even grown women have gotten into the fray with these ignorant nuggets of recorded inner city glory and actually go for the jugular with an intensity that needs less crowd encouragement and is almost always over something so trivial that it seems downright foolish.

What I’ve found interesting in a bad way is that almost always you will see the men cheering these women on while recording the action on the sidelines without making the slightest attempt to break the scuffle up. Back in my younger years as a teenager after school the norm was that it was the young men who were fighting as the girls looked on without the physical power to the battle.

Is this in keeping with the shifted mentality of the present day ‘hood mentality where so many Black men have given up their drive to be the one in charge of the family and leaving the duties to their woman?

Is this display of female aggression a litmus test of the ever growing role of our women to be the Mother while trying to unsuccessfully fill the shoes of what the father should be doing?

Is this why so many downtrodden Black men refer to an approaching female on the street as “Ma?”

“Hey ma, what’s your name?”

“Hey ma, do you have a man and can I come over and talk to you sometime?”

How quickly these young women get called a “bitch” when these lowlifes can’t have their way with them because all they really wanted was a place to stay, get some quick non committed sex, spray off a hot toxic load of sperm, grab a bite to eat and move on to the next one!

Dudes On The Corner

That’s why these same nonproductive punks who whip out their camera-phones don’t care about any of these females that are fighting unless THEIR girlfriend/enabler is the one who is involved in the scuffle. They care then because they can’t have their cash cow get hurt and mess up their gravy train and free ride now could they?

My thing is, why have we allowed ourselves to become so degraded in our thinking yet we want the respect as a people the world over after these images have been broadcast over the airwaves to that very same planet?

I don’t care if you think to yourself that maybe this subject doesn’t concern you because you may be better than that, because at the end of the day we are all lumped into one category and “averaged out” with the least of us.

But we don’t seem to understand that at all…….

We are the only people who will collectively see our images put out there in such a bad way yet not become outraged that we are being exploited for another communities profit.

Sure, we are the ones putting these uploaded acts of buffoonery out there for the world to see, but it’s only because many ignorant Blacks have this idea that they will get famous overnight for the antics that they can display and maybe get a reality television show and really become a “star!”

Can’t you see it? Let me jump forward a bit and ask why is it that these Black so called “stars” are broadcast in these reality television shows so easily for stupidity and no accomplishment of note to uplift a people beyond their own private agenda of stuffing their pockets?

Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Why can’t the major networks push an agenda to uplift the mentality of a people who are fast on a collision course to total extinction?

Now going back to our friendly neighborhood ‘HOOD fights, they are a twisted narcissistic outlet for the frustration and rage that those in the downtrodden Black communities feel and it’s something that’s readily available to all. Cellphones are now cheaper than they ever were and anyone can get a hold of one even if their money is lean or their credit score and good standing is smashed.

To me from my point of view, this is like the C.I.A. dropping crates of assault weapons in the ‘hoods of Los Angeles back in the days when Crack Cocaine first hit the streets in order to arm the rival gang factions so that they can kill each other off.

This is the same concept of setting up an entire people for an eventual death except that it’s on the level of a slow burn that goes undetected to most.

Add to the fact that our men are not around due to incarceration so our young women who are the recipients of such a bleak life with reduced opportunities to advance ahead of them feel as though they have no choice but to lash out on one another.

The bottom line is that we have become a people of mass mental sickness and some of us have acquired a taste for the most decadent filth available. It’s on us now to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps by adhering to the divine principles of living which goes against the practices of a sure death that include non-ordained unprotected sex as well as poor eating habits and the state of spiritual bankruptcy that we display so proudly on social media.

Big Ass

We really need to be cognizant of the overall effect of our image to the entire world and how it will come back to haunt even the elite of us who feel as though we are different than the rest. As a people we need to pool all of our resources and reject this type of behavior at the bottom as well as demand a better image from the top.

In between we need to educate on the ground our young Mothers, daughters and sons as to what is really going on in the battle for their minds and offer the divine replacement of a righteous life by showing them those steps through our example of a walk.

We don’t need another social network online or app on our smartphones to saute’ ourselves further into darkness to set ourselves up for more death.

We need to submit to what is right but I question myself all of the time as I see the hate that we have for each other on these video-clips…….where are the people who know better and why won’t they spend just a little time to lead these lost women out of darkness?

So the next time you’re disgusted with what you see our young women doing online, ask yourself what are you doing to change it?

Don’t wait for these money hungry profit driven television networks to have a change of heart, don’t wait for Facebook to get righteous and reject this filth, WE have got to take a stand from within and correct the complex issues that we have within our community for anything of note to begin to happen.

What we need is a change of heart on how we feel about each other because all we really have is us!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Brother,



Warning: Before you click on the three videos below, understand that it shows the most upsetting behavior, profanity and eventual nudity of some who are involved in the fights so be careful for the minors who may be in your presence. Thank you!

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