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Raven Symone is really doing a great job in showing the world that she is clueless as an adult when it comes to sharing her input on the sensitive social issues of the day as she recently put her foot in her mouth when speaking of Univision’s Rodner Figueroa’s Michelle Obama “Planet Of The Apes” comment.

The now fired Rodner Figueroa placed himself in hot water by saying that Michelle Obama resembled a cast member of the Planet Of The Apes movie and Raven Symone defended him on The View by stating that she didn’t feel he meant it in a racist manner!

…….are you for real Raven?

But can we blame her for being unaware on where the social lines are drawn as an adult?

Raven Symone was raised as a child star and was therefore isolated from most of the normal interactions that would have given her a sharp lesson on what was in the world around her.

She was adored, quarantined, worshipped and treated as something other than what she is in this world because she was a star.

Is this any excuse for her to say what she says when it comes to race or is she simply in denial and refuses to smell the funky roses of life in Amerikkka?

Raven Symone

We must admit that Raven Symone’s pre-adult life experiences pretty much kept her away from the ugliness of this world but now that she is an adult the choice is up to her as to how she will handle it.

It will be a very interesting observation over the years indeed!

Listen in as I share my in depth perspectives on the clueless Raven Symone utterances and why I feel that this is only the beginning for her.

Thanks for tuning in and please leave your opinions and viewpoints in the comment area below.

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