Raven Symone Officially Comes Out As A Lesbian While Her Disney Regime Benefits And Thrives In The Apartheid State!

Iconic legendary actress child star now grown up Raven Symone comes clean in an indirect way about her sexuality or rather her being a lesbian when she tweeted: “I can finally get married! Yay government! I’m so proud of you”.

So many blogs and online news sources consider this great Hollywood news. I say so what? To each his own. I mean, it’s gotten to the point where a person coming out as Gay or Lesbian in the entertainment/music industry doesn’t shock me as much as seeing a successful person in the same field who is straight.

Raven Symone

Can I think out loud here? Well, maybe it’s me and I don’t think that it’s everyone but doesn’t it appear that when one is literally raised in Hollywood as a child actor, singer, entertainer etc., that it’s almost a wrap that they will eventually admit to being part of the LGBT community?

Just a thought. Not that I’m saying that there’s this notorious entity lurking around and about the younger talent in Hollywood just licking their chops at the thought of new legal meat once these budding starlet’s and stars turn 18, but dang, you have to wonder!

But really, in 2013 is this really news?

We have hungry children out here who don’t have anything to eat.

We have elderly who are on the verge of eviction with no healthcare after working their fingers to the bone all of their lives.

We have innocent women and men locked down for years for crimes that they didn’t even commit.

What about the helpless battered women who stay in abusive relationships feeling that they have no where to go because they depend on their abuser for everything and unable to generate any independent resources of their own.

Yet instead of the media using its strength, reach and influence to empower the masses, it dominates the airwaves with the insignificant activities that pretty much do nothing to change the world in a Godly way except to push a particular agenda. It’s no secret that the hidden hands behind all things Disney are overjoyed that the star they have in Raven Symone has stepped up to the plate to now become the poster girl of to influence the countless fans that she has accrued over the years to consider something that they may have held secretly in their hearts for years.

Raven Symone’s Lover – AzMarie Livingston

AzMarie Livingston

So now will the big wigs at Disney put out a Tweet similar to Raven’s? Maybe it will go something like:

“You all can finally come out of the closet or consider trying out the LGBT lifestyle with no repercussions! Yay Raven Symone! I’m so proud of you!”

That’s probably what they are saying at this point. But let me tell you, if Disney really cared about EVERYONE, they just might consider treating their workers right. Many will agree with me who are “in the know” when I say that most who work the low paying positions there -which are in the majority – are not really happy at all because what they make on their paychecks keep them in a state of perpetual servitude. But they won’t tell you that because they are afraid of being put in the position of losing their jobs.

Mickey Mouse

Heck, the Disney workers are the working poor but you’ll never know that by the plastic never ending smiles that they hide behind when one visits the Disney theme park and properties. It’s comparable to a plantation where the slaves are tortured but act as though they love it where they are when an outside guest comes by for a visit or an evening with the slave master.

So the countless millions of tourists that make the trek to Orlando every year to drop the big bucks on Disney and even Universal’s illusion of paradise haven’t a clue that they are supporting a system that borders on slavery in a place called Central Florida where the opportunities for much else are slim if all you have is a High School diploma.

So understand that one woman’s “happy tweet” that benefits the ultimate agenda of the huge mega corporate entity that is Disney is just another nail driven in the coffin of the faceless replaceable workers who toil unseen at the gritty bottom watching in awe as the big wheels turn to rake in the kind of money that they could only dream of.

Governor Rick Scott

So if it isn’t for the justice of a young Black male murdered named Trayvon Martin, the evil dominance of this thing called Disney or the arrogant oppressive state regime under the insensitive minority snubbing Governor Rick Scott, simply boycott all things Florida because as one who has migrated here based on the outward illusion of paradise projected to the world, it ain’t all that it’s propped up to be from the inside for sure!

Believe me when I tell you, this world truly has its priorities all screwed up!

…….and for those who have their moral compasses attuned to the higher signal of true righteousness, never ever let go of them, for this world will ridicule you for not giving in to the transgressions of their hype, but in the end you will be rewarded with an eternal life that will last long after this mess of  system is a distant memory soon to be forgotten.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Raw & Truthful Brother,



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