Reach For The Stars Even When The World Convinces You Not To!

Reach for the stars even when the world convinces you not to!

I love the sport of boxing, for anyone who knows me that is no secret. I’ve completely abandoned following any team sports from my early teens when I discovered that everyone on the team can enjoy the bragging rights for the win even when they didn’t push as hard as you did. To me that didn’t seem fair, so sports that involved the one on one dynamic intrigued me more.

When you won in those sports you got the complete glory and when you lost the bigger pressure was on you to come back.

But with prizefighters, they are all special people and actually champions even when they may not have won a championship in their career. Why? Well, because they had the balls to get up in that ring believing in themselves enough to risk losing more so than the abundance of spectators who paid to witness their courage.

Muhammad Ali Sonny Liston

To be honest with you, when you look at the proportion of fighters against the amount of spectators who just don’t have the testicular fortitude to climb into those ropes, you will then understand how far and few between real independent achievers are in this world.

Now why did I say “independent” achievers? Well it is very easy to tap dance and play along subserviently with the system and execute what they tell you in order to get a Scooby Snack and a pat on the head, but it’s a completely different scenario when you choose to fly outside of the box in your own lane in order to get ALL of the rewards both financially and emotionally that you could never receive in that cluttered box!

As you look closely into the audience at that boxing match you will understand that most are not there to see a fight, but most who are in attendance are there to see something that they just can’t find when they look in the mirror and that is GUTS!

People are fascinated with what they don’t possess under their own personal hoods. What they don’t have and can’t pay for literally drives them crazy! Oh they will try to make up for some perceived inadequacy in the most humorous of ways, but when they see the real thing it takes their breath away with a special kind of envy. Not that it is a bad envy, but an envy/admiration nonetheless.

I’ve always loved Muhammad Ali. Here is a man who could hardly write and never finished school but bedazzled the world not only because of his fabulous and superior boxing skills, but because of the charismatic personality and flawless good looks wrapped into a total package of raw natural born celebrity, he pissed off a lot of people who worked hard to get what he always had in abundance so naturally!

The comedians of his day didn’t have his timing with the crowds. Politicians WISHED that they had his ability to convince others that what he was saying was the truth and you had dyed in the wool students of the boxing game who just could not get away with in the ring when it came to breaking the fundamental rules of the art of boxing and rewriting the book to fit his own agenda.


This is how I’ve patterned my life and as I’ve learned, you have to know how to utilize the negative energy that comes your way because of it. You have to master the art of understanding human nature to know that all suggestions and constructive criticism may not be what the giver wants you to believe it is because they just might be looking to plant those subtle seeds of doubt to bring you down to justify THEIR way of doing things because you with your “rule breaking self” are probably a BIG thorn in their side!

A thorn in their side?

Yes! Because greatness and natural ability never followed any preset training course in order to manifest itself! Understand that! Now there are basic things that one needs to know before looking to “wing” their way into greatness but for the most part when you possess a talent and the drive to manifest that talent to build a unique body of work that is undeniable over the years, no one can stop that light that will shine from what you’ve created.

So when they see what is coming they will make sure to get around you and pretend to favor your flow only to get close enough to put a damper on it. But like I heard the other day, esteem is not something that is given to you by what individuals say or grant you, it is something that is earned by your ability to go through hard times, defeat and abandonment to get up and still eventually succeed!

You see, when the naysayers come around me with their sugar coated poison of doubts, I merely look back over my life and think about all that I came through and see how miniscule their suggestions of failure really are.

Maybe this is their personal credo but it damn sure isn’t mine!

Understand that every Brother or Sister “ain’t” a Brother or Sister, they may go way back with you just as much as you might have ust met them but never forget that YOU are the author of your book by the free will granted to you by your heavenly father above and NO ONE has the ability to put YOUR pen in THEIR hand to write a damn page in it unless you allow them to so REACH FOR THE STARS!

There IS no barrier or answer outside of you to do this, you don’t need anyone’s permission to strive for greatness nor do you need to play by the limited rules of the limited thinkers of this world!

You don’t have to wait to reach for the stars in your chosen field of excellence as there is no time period of waiting for it. Once you have decided to live your ultimate life you do NOT need someone else’s money to get there nor do you have to wait in some imaginary line after taking a ticket!

Scooby Doo

It’s open season in the year 2013 to make it as the world is a different place and those who have given up their lives to play by a set of “dead and gone” rules will just have to live with the frustration of selling themselves short because of their lack of confidence to make it on their own and their lack of vision and foresight to see that they mighty institutions that they thought would last forever would crumble.

But to not be a visionary is okay, those seats have to be filled in the stadium of life and who better to fill them than those who didn’t have the guts to climb into the boxing ring. If it’s good for them then more power to them, that’s not for me. I am the reason why the stadium gets full as I wasn’t made to be a team player in the game of mediocrity. That’s not in my DNA and if you want to separate yourself from that pack I suggest your change your thinking immediately or you will be in great pain when you really look back on the legacy that you have created.

Success is transferable, you don’t have to stay in one area of achievement when you have found success there. I love looking back on the life of Arnold Schwarzenegger as a template for this, he came to America with a dream and hardly any cash. He didn’t speak a lick of English but was determined to make it in a country that is his mind was laced with promise and a great life for him to live. Look at what he really did.

He rose to the top of his beloved sport of Bodybuilding and seized the attention garnered there to begin a career on the big screen. and while the naysayers said that he didn’t have the acting skills to make it he “stayed” true to himself and superimposed his personality into his roles where people didn’t even care what role he played, they were going to see him regardless.

Afterward he married Maria Shriver and began looking at a political career which culminated in him being the Governor of California. Now there are those who will speak about his politics or infidelities but that is not what I am focusing on here, he chose to reach for the stars and if he sat down and believed the naysayers he would be nothing more than another foreign aspiring muscle man who never made it big into anything.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Listen to that inner voice of the divine and you will NEVER go wrong!

It’s like when I as an artist look at a blank sheet of drawing paper and see the finished illustration, most do not have this ability and will call you crazy for seeing what you see until you show them the finished product of what you had in your heart and mind all along.

Learn to utilize the positive AND negative energies around you and you will never suffer from a lack of energy. I love when people throw all types of attitudes and energies at me because I am a converter and can use it all.

Have you ever heard about the donkey in the ditch?

Well there was a donkey that was secretly envied by the town that he lived in and while walking down the road he fell into a ditch that he didn’t see.

Now the townspeople who didn’t like the donkey came out in great numbers to pick up stones to hit him and keep him down while he was in the ditch. But what they didn’t know was that they were helping him in actuality because as they threw the stones at him the ditch filled up and enabled him to walk out easily.

…….the moral of this story?

Every knock is a boost! Every aggression that is executed on you negatively is an opportunity to rise higher because someone is giving you THEIR energy! Once you learn how to convert it spiritually and not allow it to bother you, you will have a never ending resource of fuel to continue to reach for the stars and manifest your greatness!

And it get’s no better than THAT! I tell you, I have to say that things have never been better and thank those who threw their stones at me because it surely has been a boost!

See you soon, I have some stars to grab and you do too!

Peace & Righteous Love Always,


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