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Half naked, twerking, foul-mouthed, self centered, loud, confrontational, always pissed of with an attitude, sexually aggressive and available to anyone for a price, rebellious to any word of righteous correction, lazy, hard to get along with, morally deficient, entitled and just downright ghetto…….


How many out here feel that there are too many of our young daughters who fit this description?


While for many this present manifestation of collective personality traits might be a passing phase of rebelliousness for most, the deadly scars that can be caught during this season can literally destroy any promise of a progressive life to be felt for an entire lifetime!


Lost Girls


Both The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Brother Minister Louis Farrakhan have stated over the decades that “A Nation Can Rise No Higher Than The Condition Of Its Woman”, as we look around today in the present atmosphere of our world should it surprise us at the state of our community in its overall decadence?


This particular episode of The LanceScurv Show will not be one that will cast the blame off on any of our daughters who find themselves covered under he sad umbrella of poverty, illiteracy, teen pregnancy, H.I.V. infection, unemployment, homelessness etc.


Young, Black & Pregnant


While in order to rectify any issue that are prevalent in our wayward Sisters young and old, we must be fearless enough to delve deep into the reality of the situation making a fair assessment of the actual conditions before moving in to correct it without wearing the blinding cloak of denial.


Also, I definitely acknowledge our Sisters who ARE doing the right thing as they are many, the so called mainstream media most often doesn’t give them the visibility for their accomplishments.




This helps to create the perception that our young Daughters are all about nothing at all by their inaction to highlight those worthy achievements.


While this is not an excuse for the behavior of our Daughters to carry on in the manner that they do, we as adults have a great obligation and responsibility toward redirecting their present condition.


But have we forfeited the time necessary to develop our young Princesses into the Queens that God made them to because of our lust to accrue more material items of luxury and leaving them defenseless to the negative forces in the air while we work more overtime.


Again, this is not always the situation and is not written in stone, there are many great parents, single mothers and fathers as well as entire families who have to work to keep a roof over their heads but find that they simply can’t find enough time to spend with their children leaving them open to the mental intrusion the negative aspects of peer pressure and social media.


Lost Souls


On this show topic I want the panel and callers to collectively speak on the obstacles that we face in raising our daughters NOT to be just another failing statistic as well as allowing those young women to call in to share their perspectives on what makes the younger generation so apt to gravitating toward all things gutter.


Tonight it won’t be about pointing the finger but about finding the solutions to those lingering challenges that for some reason seem to be getting worse as the years go by.


So if a nation can go no higher than its woman, even though some of us may have made it through this stigma successfully we need to remember that we are part of that same chain that will affect us all if we allow the weaker links to snap.


See you at showtime…….

Peace & Righteous Love Always,



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