Read The Fine Print Or Get Taken For A Ride!

Reading the fine print has become even more of a priority when it comes to involving oneself in any business dealing or financial commitment that could place an individuals precious resources at great risk if we find that we are involved with a person with an unsavory value system.

So we take our time when it’s time to sit down to purchase that dream home. For we know that this is probably the biggest investment that we will make in our entire lives and to overlook any aspect of such a big deal just might mean paying out so much more every month when the mortgage is due.

We make sure that there are no hidden costs bundled into the commitment that would rear its ugly head long after the ink has dried on the contracts.

So we ask questions, and even more questions, to the point of almost getting a headache because we know that after a certain point in the deal, we will find ourselves at the point of no return and we must protect ourselves at all times.

No matter how friendly the mortgage broker appears, we must realize that he is not there to be your friend, he is there to get paid and you are the source of his income at the moment.

Mortgage Papers Fine Print

It’s in his best interest to get as much from you as YOU will allow and if you are not up on every little slant of the financial terminology, then the oversight that you might feel is minor will really show itself to be a major fumble on your part that will create some great dividends for your friendly smiling broker.

It is very admirable to see a prepared individual who has done their homework when purchasing a property even though their emotions will drive them in their desire for home ownership in place that they now consider their dream home.

You can’t allow your emotions to influence your resiliency at the negotiating table. If you do then you will be ripped to shreds by these ruthless professional assassins who specialize in kidnapping the financial resources of hard working middle class blue collar citizens.

But in the end it is all worth it because you will soon be in a home of your own where you know what is required of you to maintain your status with the bank as a property owner.

The same approach goes when purchasing a new vehicle.

Anyone with an ounce of sense would not be swayed by the glossy exterior of a shiny new vehicle or the impressive sound system that these car dealing sharks will play to appeal to your ego more so to cause it to eclipse you more sensible traits.

But no matter how fabulous an experience the test drive may be, a person must sit down at the table to negotiate the best deal for themselves when purchasing a vehicle for private transportation and they cannot allow the sweet bells and whistles influence them to take financial responsibility for something that they really can’t afford.

The car dealer does not care about you after you drive off of the lot, they have gotten paid for the vehicle and you now are left to do battle with the lending company or bank until you obligation to them is completely finished.

So you must be wise in your decision in purchasing a new vehicle.

You wouldn’t consider a two-seater high output expensive sports car when you have six children and a fifty mile commute everyday to work now would you?

Midlife Fine Print

You just might fantasize about what it might be like to own one of those mid-life crisis crushing babies, but the thought will quickly fly out of your mind when reality kicks inwhen you realize the boundaries of the life you are living at that particular time.

It just ain’t happening! LOL!

So you go for the minivan that your wife wants for the family as their primary means of transportation.

Hey, doctor’s visits for the kids, weekend trips to the supermarket, softball games and moving large items purchased at The Home Depot causes you to think about why it wouldn’t be a good idea for a sports car after all.

But the bottom line here that I’m trying to get to is that in the large purchases of homes and vehicles, we take our time and make sure that the fit is right in every category large and small because we understand that we will be in it for a very long time if not for the rest of our lives.

We know that it would be a virtual nightmare to because we overlooked the fact that it was built next to the city dump or buying a vehicle that our entire family couldn’t board because we were simply too selfish and wanted a two seater.

So most would agree with me that common sense is a quality that is mandatory to making any deal a great deal for oneself personally and that it doesn’t make sense at all to jump into a house or a vehicle merely because our five senses were titillated and we were swayed by fantasy and emotion.

Now with that understanding I ask, why is it that most of us who possess a modicum of common sense will go through a financial contract like a high paid shark of a lawyer yet turn around and throw our life away on a mate to whom we know nothing about aside from the fact that “they look good” or made you feel good in the bedroom?

Does that make any sense at all?

Many of us never seem to read the fine print that comes with the person that we can read after inquiring about their life and their past.

Credit Report Fine Print

We never seem to hear the squeaks coming from the rear of their vehicle because we are too intoxicated by the sound system of their seductive words as we take them on a test drive through our lives.

We dive in without checking their performance record of gainful employment and are so ready to overlook the danger signs and red flags that are literally screaming at us because we have our carnal needs screaming even louder in telling us that this potential mate is a great deal and we better snatch it up before someone else takes it!

Yet we the allure of this new person in our lives begins to fade and we can see past the cheap veneer that they used to get past our common sense defenses we begin to see that we didn’t get a great deal after all and we have been taken for a ride.

Taken for a ride gentleman when you saw that sweet ass in a tight red dress and found out that this woman was so intelligent.

You found yourself between her glorious thighs within days and after two weeks gave her the key to your home and your heart only to find out after you married her in a month that she was the most egotistical self centered confrontation wench who had major credit problems that YOU inherited when you realize that she began to run YOUR credit cards up through the roof!

Sometimes We Get Distracted From The Fine Print!

Taken for a ride? Sure you were. But you should have read the fine print!

Ladies: You met him at the home improvement warehouse, he was obviously a hard working man doing a construction job and probably there to pick some materials that he ran short on.

You stood behind him on the check out line and couldn’t help but be turned on by the scent of a hard working sweaty man who most likely got paid well for his services.

So unlike the losers that you took in who proved to be leeches, his bulging and vein laced musculature was proof positive that he put in major effort on a physical level so you couldn’t help yourself but to play the damsel in distress role as you attempted to load your large purchases into your vehicle in the parking lot not too far from where his truck was parked.


Deception In Fine Print

You knew he would come by to help, it didn’t hurt that you “allowed” the wind to do its job in blowing your not too short skirt up a bit to display the most gorgeous set of legs that in your experience even the most faithful of men had to steal a glance at whether they were with their sentinel-like wives or not.

So here he comes, and with every step you feel yourself self lubricating at the thought of him being your man. He helps you, asks for your number and the mating game begins.

Three months later after living with you for two of those months you realize that you have been sleeping with a man who only wanted you as a cover and a shield to distract the world from what his real passion was……DOWN LOW MEN!

Taken for a ride? Sure you were. But you should have read the fine print!

Fine Print

Listen, just as we read the fine print on our mortgage papers and new vehicle purchase agreements, we need to dig a little deeper before we take the leap to investing our lives with someone to whom we DON’T know and NEVER assume that they will tell you what their flaws are.

There are some things that you just have to investigate for yourselves. Too many of us are now living in regret because we jumped into to something head first based on what we THOUGHT we felt in our heart when in actuality we should have used our heads to ensure that what we were getting involved in was worth it in the first place.

Remember that time is limited and to waste any of it on something that is sub par to our existence is a mistake that many simply never recuperate from.

So be careful and read the fine print or you just might be taken for a ride.

Peace & Righteous Love Always,

Your Careful Brother,




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