All of them were not only leaders but also great organizers? We have the potential of creating a organized movement with great political influence. When Thomas Sankara was assassinated, all he had for possession were 2 bicycle, 1 wrecked car, and a broken freezer. He was a very pious person, to the point where he did consider becoming a priest but his parents didn’t want him too. So, he enlisted in the military and got trained in Libya where he came back with revolutionary ideas that completely changed Burkina Faso.
Muammar Gadhafi was an illiterate sheep herder and he managed to join the military, get promoted to the rank of general and change his country, just like Thomas Sankara. All of those leaders, except Gadhafi, they were not rich or had a doctorate. All those leaders didn’t have the ambition of leading a nation but they simply wanted to change the harshness of the system on their people.
All of them were ready to die for their idealism.
And that is why they were able to rally the people and change the status quo. I don’t know if we can change the status quo but we can start by giving people hope and an idealism to believe in. A ideal that can make them organize and create a change in the system. That’s why I find no attraction to protest. It doesn’t solve anything but rallying and organizing people to strike or boycott as a collective that is what will create change. And we can do that by inspiring them and giving them an ideal.
Beatrice Noel
Thomas Sankara

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